Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Truth is out it?

The truth is with the Lord of Creation, Lord of the Universe, Lord of Power and Mercy; the truth of the matter for me and you is relative to our perception of who or what we hold to be the Divine that is our being in essence. It is not possible to behold the whole truth as only the fully enlightened or the perfect man 'al insan kamil' has the capability to behold the whole truth of what Is. Man is yet to achieve that level of understanding whereby he can comprehend the truth that encapsulate the  sum total of creation itself and much less the nature of "God'. As it is man is too busy still discovering his own self manifested weaknesses and the ills that he has inherited  form his forefathers is still infesting his souls making life itself a misery instead of a celebration as it was meant to be. And yet we wish to discover the whole truth of reality, of what life is all about or what God is or is not or whose God is right or whose is not. NASA has just recently discovered that the black hole is not just a tunnel sucking into itself anything and everything but it also emits stuff out from itself, thus creating yet another anomaly for space scientists to ponder upon.
The wanton barbaric killing of man women and children like there is not end to it is on the increase all over the Middle East, Africa and various other countries like ancient tribal wars, only on a grand scale the magnitude of which has surpassed history and mostly in the name of God; my God as against yours. Mankind is slip sliding away into the heralding of the Third World War; a Nuclear holocaust that will turn the pages of history into a black hole and the only thing that would be emerging from it will be radio active dust. We are witnessing the death of man's capacity to feel, to cherish to love for one another and at the same time are witnessing how man has become the very beast that revelations has predicted that he would become at the end of days. Evolution itself is moving in reverse, instead of evolving to become a super being, complete and whole getting closer to the Godly divine state, man is regressing towards his own demise in the most gruesome manner of wars and pestilence self manifested through Greed, Hate and Ignorance.
History seems to teach us nothing and we keep on repeating where our forefathers left off in the effort to compete and overcome, exploit and manipulate to the best of our own interest for self benefit. We are capable of every possible means to put others down in order that they become subservient to our needs and comfort and we call it success, we call it survival of the fittest, we call it being in God's favor, hell we even declare ourselves the God chosen people while we commit atrocities. Genocide has become a common word, collateral damages has become the norm as we send drones to do our killings for us and we call it tactical or precision bombings while bragging how technically man has become so well verse in the art of killing. Albeit for democracy or for God, man's propensity to annihilate his foe is ever on the rise so much so that the day to day sights of children maimed and mutilated beyond recognition in Face Book posts has become a common thing like not better than the food and the birthday parties posted along with. Perhaps like all else it is a from of preparation for the human mind, or to dull our senses, to be able to accept the holocaust when it eventually arrives.
Where is God is all of this? Your God, my God, the God of the natives living in the heart of the Amazon forest or the Great Plains, what are they up to? Is God orchestrating this whole event that is being played on the Global scale of time and space in order to close His 'human experiment chapter of Genesis'? WallahuAllam...only He knows. The truth is out there somewhere, man has just got to keep on looking for his sake and for humanity's; if not for his children's and his grand children's future.

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