Thursday, November 12, 2015

Awakening of Intelligence 2

Down with flu the last few days and low energy level in dealing with the daily routine of no routine. Doing nothing and being nothing is not as easy s it may seem and as a matter of fat it seems much easier to be doing something or at least make it looks like i am. So what is the problem here? What is it that is not working or what is suppose to be be working when one decides to take on the idea of doing nothing? Nothing! yes by right nothing, not-a-thing. But here it is everything is happening and all at once or so it seems. How does one describe the perimeters of 'doing nothing' or being nothing'? Perhaps this whole exercise is a futile attempt at nothing and there is no answers to the issues as there is no way of drawing the lines as to when or how one goes about being nothing. Unless someone yells at you, " You are good for nothing!" perhaps that is a good place to start. 
When you have looked deep enough within and come to realize a little of how your mind works in relation to your everyday activities, your relationships and your assumptions of what life is all about, you begin to see that you are living everyone else's life on top of your own and you cannot escape from doing so. This is perhaps the significance of the Bodhisatva vows whereby you swore to awaken with all beings and that you swore to overcome all delusions for the benefit of all mankind. Finding peace and harmony for oneself is not the end but just the beginning of the journey of a 'meditator'. Humanity is in need of a healing power that can eradicate so much of the Universal suffering that is presently infesting the planet that, to find peace and solace, comfort and joy for one's self alone is of no significance or benefit to mankind. When humanity itself has learned to sit and meditate upon its own self healing process then and only then can we find peace for all or make headway at least towards healing this planet that is on the verge of entering another dark age, darker than ever before.
To be able to enter into the sphere of collective consciousness where the collective mind can project simpleminded positive  healing energy to counter the plague that is infesting humanity one needs to be able to be totally absorbed in silence where only consciousness prevails. In this state of being here in the moment absolutely present is like being a reed that is hollow or a conduit that is free to allow any form of energy or current to flow through it without any resistance. No blockage, no veils, no masks, only pure being and for this to happen one has to have mastered a certain amount of ability to sit in silent meditative state. It takes some doing and never too late to begin for anyone can do it given the desire and mindfulness to take it on. Man has to clear his head from all the clutter that he has accumulated through all forms of conditioning since the day he was able to say Mama or Dada. We all go to the grave with our heads full of ideas of who we thought we were yelling and screaming to our last breath that we were framed! Conditioned! Trapped in bondage towards serving all the demigods of Greed, Hate and Ignorance. Only very few made the effort to free themselves from this bondage, the Buddhas and the Prophets, the Saints and the Sages and lately some Scientists, Artists  and philosophers are joining in calling for the awakening of Humanity's Collective Consciousness.

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