Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life is Suffering - part 2

When the Buddha said that ,"Life is Suffering hes was referring to our physical as well as psychological human form that has evolved throughout the millennium into who we are today. We who claim ourselves to b civilized and above and beyond other sentient beings on this planet. We who have survived all that is thrown at us as a species and lived to see the 21st. century in all its glory and its chaos. The Buddha came into the world to wake us up from our sleeping state of consciousness so that we can be more prepared in dealing with what is to come for our kind. Life is suffering and suffering has a cause and the main cause of suffering is 'Desire'. The need, the crave, the wanting the clinging on to, the greed and the delusion that man is inflicted with. Our very survival thus far is only because throughout the ages we have been forewarned by Saints and sages alike, prophets and Messengers of the Divine so that we turn away from our prone towards self destruction and towards self realization. 
"In this human form, do not waste time!" the Buddha extolled some 2500 years ago, for it is in this form that one is most capable of attaining liberation. One does not need to believe in the theory of Karma and Transmigration of the Soul in order to understand what is Reincarnation and its significance in our human evolution. A well developed conscious mind there is a deep understanding of where we as humans stands in the hierarchy of the evolution of species and we are not just at the top of the food chain but we are higher and above the laws that govern existence itself if we can fathom the mysteries of our Mind and Consciousness that today science in all its infinite glory are only beginning to touch the surface of the extent of its limitless power. Yes it may sound far fetched and bombastic a claim but, why not and how far or how near are we really towards understanding the nature of out limitless Consciousness. The Buddha  was among those who have made this self discovery and transcended life itself to go beyond, beyond that which is the concept of the word beyond itself. 
Having lived for 66 years more or less, i have come to finally realize how little i know of how my mind works and how badly influenced by it I have been and often to the detriment of my being. I have been living with the perception that i am who i thought myself to be and have been enduring all kinds of trials and tribulations the life had to offer based upon this understanding. I set myself up to be at the mercy of my own bloody ignorance and often flaying myself for all kinds of guilt and conscience that I self created through wrong perceptions and faulty thoughts. I was my own judge, jury and executioner and I blamed others around me for my own failures. I lived an ignorant life, blind from the truth that was staring at me all the time until I discovered the true teachings of the Buddha; the teachings that dealt with life itself.
Life is Suffering and the cause of suffering is desire and to have desire there has to be one who desires and when there ceases to be this one then there is no more suffering; how do we end the one who suffers? His final words upon attaining to what is known as PariNirvana or the Great Liberation the Buddha uttered," I, Am No More!" he did not say i am dead or my end has come, he said I, am no more! Like he has ceased being the 'I'. In other words the 'person' is finished, gone, annihilated and so what remains? Hence, when the Buddha said ,suffering Is but none who suffers, this is perhaps what he meant. How can one suffer if  there is no one there to suffer or if the personality is no more there to endure the suffering. Suffering Is, because You are.

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