Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Beginning of the Awakening of Intelligence.

The brain from its atomic and sub atomic state, the myriads individual cells to the mass of 'gray matter', is no doubt the most complex organ of the human body and it is through this organ that the whole organic system of the universe manifest itself in the human form. Through the brain the human form manifest itself evolving into a more and more complex entity that has begun to fully understand itself and its function in the universe. It is through the brain and its ability to create, destroy and recreate that the evolution of the Universe moves from one state into the next, from one form into another from one essence into another in never ending cycles of birth, death and rebirth while the whole process is being observed by itself as a whole, independent nature called awareness;it is aware of itself evolving. The brain is merely a tool by which this whole process of self-observation evolves.
The 'It', some calls God, some simply calls it  Great Spirit, some calls it 'The soul' some even more simply calls it 'The I'; I Am That...I Am; is Consciousness. In essence Consciousness has no references, no identity, no form, and is not subject to matter. space or time; it is omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent; It simply Is. Human evolution, the evolution of the entire Universe itself is towards this realization, that It is All Consciousness, of being Conscious of itself, being aware of that which is the Permanent and that which is Temporal; this is the Realization of Immortality of the Spirit and the death of the ego (the Self). We see this whole through myriads of self created images, experiences and knowledge and we evolve through time to arrive at this state of 'Complete Enlightenment' of the Spirit an in so doing dissolves into the Wholesomeness of Being; Complete Cosmic Consciousness.
What good is all these in the everyday life? What can we do with this knowledge or this achievement of understanding the nature of our being? Not a thing; we are who we are and what we manifest is how much it is worth for as far as we as individuals are concern, nothing unusual, nothing special. We may be deem intelligent, knowledgeable or even a mystic or a saint and in some culture, even prophets, but it is still all just a matter of how far or how near we are in our self discovery of who we truly are. The farmer's understanding of the nature of the land and its resources and productivity, its power to give and to take is no better than the fisherman's understanding of the sea, however collectively they both become the understanding of the four basic elements of nature, that of earth and water. wind and fire; the building blocks of form and emptiness. The scientists takes this knowledge further into its molecular nature until its secrets are revealed in minute details as into the sub-atomic levels, thus harnessing even great use for these elements and understanding of how they function in the Universe. The spiritualists, saints and mystics, the yogi and the dervishes delve deep into the mysteries unraveling what makes it all come to life in the formless state just as the scientists does in the material state.  
In understanding the basic principles of the elements in nature we have come to understand who we are, at least in our physical form and what makes us tick and why. What is exactly the purpose of us being here in this time and space we call life. What is each and everyone of us made up of and how potent are we as a specie in manifesting our environment as we see fit for our very own survival or demise. In Islam it is said that we were appointed custodians of this Planet we have inherit from the beginning of time and we have evolved into this specie that we are today surpassing all other species in our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of in creating and destroying our own environment. It is sad that today we are on the verge of our environmental and our own self destruction as we approach the critical stage of our evolution where we are merging form and emptiness, where all our differences have the potential to become a Collective Whole or a Complete Annihilation the very fabric of existence itself.

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