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The Anomaly of Cosciousness.

The Anomaly of Consciousness ; Peter Russel
"The process begins when the prevalent paradigm encounters an anomaly—an observation that the current worldview can’t explain. As far as today’s scientific paradigm is concerned, consciousness is certainly one big anomaly. It is the most obvious fact of life: the fact that we are aware and experience an internal world of images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Yet there is nothing more difficult to explain. It is easier to explain how the universe evolved from the Big Bang to human beings than it is to explain why any of us should ever have a single inner experience. How does all that electro-chemical activity in the physical matter of the brain ever give rise to conscious experience? Why doesn’t it all just go on in the dark?...
The continued failure of our attempts to account for consciousness suggests that we too should question our basic assumptions. The current scientific worldview holds that the material world—the world of space, time and matter—is the primary reality. It is therefore assumed that the internal world of mind must somehow emerge from the world of matter. But if this assumption is getting us nowhere, perhaps we should consider alternatives.. 
One alternative that is gaining increasing attention is the view that the capacity for experience is not itself a product of the brain. This is not to say that the brain is not responsible for what we experience—there is ample evidence for a strong correlation between what goes on in the brain and what goes on in the mind—only that the brain is not responsible for experience itself. Instead, the capacity for consciousness is an inherent quality of life itself.... 
In this model, consciousness is like the light in a film projector. The film needs the light in order for an image to appear, but it does not create the light. In a similar way, the brain creates the images, thoughts, feelings and other experiences of which we are aware, but awareness itself is already present."..
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Throughout my practice or observations of how my mind functions, my coming to an understanding of what is consciousness I have accepted  that consciousness is free of the mental states or the mind or the brain functions; consciousness governs all of these or dictates their functions. The brain cells receives instructions from consciousness through the senses and manifests whatever responses into the physical realm and based upon past experiences projects forms and images that the mind can relate to and in turn reacts to or reciprocates accordingly. The waking mind is the storage bank of experiences, memories, images and imaginations, dreams and so forth, it is also the emotional and psychological conduit for the brain. Off course it much much more complex than it is as i am no scientist, I see what i see as a lay man can only see based upon limited personal studies and observations made over a long period of time.
Awareness to me is a sense of presence. The complete state of being in the moment as some contemporary philosophers such as Eckhardt Tolle and Baba Ram Dass has been expounding in their works .."Be here Now" or "The Power of Now", points towards this phenomena whereby the human consciousness is an open ever present essence of 'feeling' of being in the complete here and now. It is devoid of any attachment to an entity or a personality or an observer making an observation; It just is.,'bare attention'.Pure consciousness is a state of complete absorption similar to an annihilation of the so called human spirit or the self from the picture; there is no one there making or experiencing the feeling; feeling simply is. observer and observation is one. I am the majestic 'sunrise', it is me.
Whenever there is the observer,the 'I', the witness or the personality involve, space, time and matter becomes tangible; hence from the Buddhist perspective there is suffering, there is delusion. The self becomes the observer and whatever is being experienced, manifested, dreamed ad so forth becomes the stuff of the Universe; the observed. When there is complete awareness, or as the ancients would call it, Supra - Consciousness or as some might term as Cosmic Consciousness, the Universe ceases to be and only Consciousness is present and aware of Itself ; like God. However the very moment the feeling or thought, 'like God' comes into the consciousness; the universe comes into being as so is suffering.
The state of enlightenment or as in Japanese Satori or as in the Hindu tradition Moksha, or that feeling called the Awakened State and so forth. is this state of complete state of consciousness that man has striven to master or at the very least have a taste of at least once in a life time. Until modern science can map what is absolute consciousness and share it with the rest of humanity, I will just have to trust my way in the ways of the ancients as well as the modern mystics and philosophers, savants and saints, prophets and dervishes for my guides. I am merely just another channel, another conduit, that nature expresses itself and observe itself with.

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