Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Are The Masters of Our Destiny.

It is almost impossible to stop the mind from thinking and thoughts will go on rambling for as long as it takes just as this blogging is a manifest of mind thinking itself out and manifesting nit he form of written words. It is said that only in deep sleep is the mind free from any form of thinking where as even in light sleep thew mind is much active in the form of dreaming and we humans can dream of weird things in our sleeping state. The primary teaching of the Buddha hinges upon the cessation of thoughts and its relative processes and this in itself is a long and involved process that the Buddha had laid out for man to practice, however the essence of the Buddha's teaching in the cessation of thoughts and other forms of vexations is through Dhyana or Meditation, as the Chinese word Chan and the Japanese word Zen carries the same derivation of this word. Hence the Right Understanding of Meditation is the key towards silencing the or at the very least bringing it to be quiet and not rattling on and on. If one observes how th mind rattles on, one would often notice that sometimes it is over things or subjects that makes very little sense or irrelevant to one's status at the moment.
In my limited amount of knowledge and understanding i have tried to share what I could of what meditation is and how to go about getting it done right, however today. all one has to is Google it and one will find one needs to learn from the masters modern and ancient.
Ignorance is no more an excuse when it comes to acquiring knowledge in this day and age and laziness or apathy is the cause of suffering next to ignorance. Today more than anytime in the history of man, there is a greater need to have a thorough understanding of the how, why or what of our 'Dual' thinking mind. Dual thinking being the fact that we think of left and right, good and bad, black and white and so forth. The opposite nature of all that we can think of comes into play when we think and this has a great effect on how we see ourselves and others; them and us. We think in dichotomy making every thought a comparison of one as opposed to the other, hence good and evil will always walk as a pair in our mind like the flip side of a coin and one cannot exist without the other; we are trapped in this dichotomy of the dual thinking mind. The Buddha sought to end this bondage by Right Understanding of the workings of our human consciousness transcending that of the workings of the dual thinking mind and thought processes. In most of the Sutras of the Buddhas there are lessons in how one can achieve to this state of freedom from our mental delusions due to ignorance.
As the world spins out of control with all the chaos and wars and destruction starvation and over population, as suffering has become of a grand scale for most of us, the need to come to have a good understanding of who we are and where we stand in the scheme of things as far as the Planet is concern is crucial for our very survival. We cannot remain blind to it all as we are exposed to what is happening around us are being laid out and brought to our awareness; we cannot exist in denial any longer. The ancient Masters had revealed through their teaching methods to overcome our individual suffering  as well as that of of our environment and fellow human and it is up to us to wake up and be aware of these teachings if not put them to practice or be prepared to perish.
While science is still scratching the surface of Consciousness, the human spirit has been made aware of its limitless powers if and when it is put to practice through right understanding. At the highest level of His teachings the Buddha imparted all there is o know about meta physics and how the human mind governs the natural world.READ! REALIZE! REVEAL! Let it be known, let it be heard! The more of humanity awaken the more chances there is of our very survival and that of the Planet's as we cannot fight bullets with bullets nor can we stop the demise of our rivers and forests with power and might, but we can turn our history back into the Golden Age if we can all take a more realistic and serious understanding of our very nature; that we are inherently Divine. We are the Masters of our Universe, our Environment, our Destiny; it is our Birth Right! It does not matter who are black or white, rich or poor, strong or weak, together as a Whole we are a an Omnipotent Being of Collective Consciousness. Today there is nothing more relevant, more important, more significant that to have this Realization for the collective whole to survive.      

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