Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to basics

Am at present dealing mostly with my daughter's karmic consequences in her work situation at the Merchant Hotel where she is on the verge of quitting for the second time. She had handed her resignation letter once before but it was rejected by her employers talking her into staying on. However now matters are getting worse or so it seems and she has shown signs of deep depression and burn out which is showing in her demeanor. Yes, i told her yesterday it is time to move on in her career as this present one is becoming detrimental to her health. Never do what your heart rebels against doing for all the money in the world, it is a waste of you time at the end of the day. 
My daughter is a rebel who is bound and determined to stand on her feet and not work under an employer, she sees herself as her own boss. I have been trying to make her believe that all that she is going through is part and parcel of being a boss in training. She has had some of the best teachers even if a few were dick heads and ass holes, they make the best teachers sometimes cause they help to bring out the worse in you and you learn best when you are at your worse. But maybe it is time for her to embark upon her own journey of self discovery through her destined career. I assured her that i am right behind her no matter what she chooses to do with her life. As a matte of fact i am proud of her determination and her feisty spirit not to take any crap from no matter who. Now I am beginning to see myself in her and how i can help by simply being aware and supportive of her decisions no matter if they seem negative or would have a negative impact for her especially financially. 
I really don't know  how of what to say to her that would empower her to face all these trials she is facing but I know that I can stand by her in Love, not just because she is my daughter but also because i have just realized how Love is the answer to all in Honesty.
I have no idea where it will all lead to for her and for myself, but I will be as honest in dealing with what may come and accept whatever is destined for us. In the meantime there is a good movie to go to with Vin Diesel I think called "The Last Witch Hunter." And a pizza to go along with should be okay. 

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