Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I decided to do nothing for the Day.

Yesterday I decided to do nothing and part of this doing nothing was to hang out at USM and read my Novel and write my Blog. But by the end of the day I had visited my Niece and Grand kids in Balik Pulau, 

 visited my friend Ah Huat and received RM50 as a welcome back gift and in return i gave him a RM250 worth watercolor drawing on canvass to add to his collections in his Mechanic office.

 Took pictures of two of my favorite ladies at the MGTF office and loaded them on Face Book which is presently receiving a whole lot of attention from their friends.

 Came home and did my laundry and made some entries on Face Book with pictures taken from my trip to Terengganu, completed the five times prayer for the day, an accomplishment for me. Yes I decided not to do anything and ended up getting a few things done.
To reach out and touch someone and especially when you can add to their life to make their day a more cheerful one, that is doing something out of nothing. I had no plan nor rhyme or reasons but i just followed what came next and had the wish that whatever lay ahead would be a positive venture for me as well as anyone that I came into contact with and this has been my 'style'.
So, what is there to do today but just sit around and do nothing and see what gives.

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