Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What of the iNDIANS?

What about the Indians? As I might have mentioned somewhere along my lengthy Blogging, I have very close relatives who are Indians as my grand uncle was married to one; he was a Sinhalese from Ceylon or Sri Lanka as it is known today. Hence a few of Aunts and an uncle are half Tamil Hindus and I make it a habit to visit them every Deepavali if I am able to. The Indians are not much different from the Chinese when it comes to the matter of survival of the family and culture and the clinging on to age old religious rituals. They are willing to die in protection of their faith and their way life even if they claim to have been born and raised in a country like Malaysia. Many episodes of confrontations between Hindus and Muslims in this country is over who gets to built the mosque or temples and where. Whenever there is political issue that is pending involving the two racial groups the desecration of and religious insults becomes the norm. You insult my religion and i yours what more can be as volatile an issue that can garner a good number of ignorant to get all riled up on and politicians are well versed in this weapon of segregation. When all else fails get them to fight over their religious beliefs, get someone to throw a cow's head into the Hindu temple or a pig's skull into the mosque and sit back and watch the fireworks.
he Indians unlike their Chinese counterparts are prone to be a whole lot more emotional when it comes to expressing themselves over matters concern with their race or culture. The Indians deep within holds a kind of inferiority complex that needs to be overcome or so they feel and thus every now and then you see an outburst of energy when Indians are involved in a riot or collective expression; a whole lot of shouting and saber rattlings to make their points. Today more and more Indian youths are getting into the drug scene and this compounded with their inherent demeanor makes it very volatile and it is a common thing now to hear how Indians are becoming more violent in the crimes committed by them. It is not far from the truth to assume that the well to do Chinese hire Indians to do their dirty works and rarely do you hear the Indians and the Chinese up at each other's throats. There is like an unwritten understanding between the two races over the whole claim of who gets what in this country; the spoils are pre-devided as so are the territories, as to who operates where.
However there is a growing awareness just as it is among the Chinese as well as the Indians especially the youth movements, the educated and the intellects who sees beyond the racial divide that has made them victims of their own devices. These youths, the future generation of awakened beings will hopefully liberate the mental conditions that has been imposed upon them by the powers that be. Through right  education and right guidance these youths and I might add the Malays included, will find the united path through which a new and healthy coexistence can be forged by the three main races in this country. The youth of this Nation must want and will overcome all the prejudices thrown against them and awaken with pride of their heritage and historical past. Their past glory is what they have from their ancestors and each Race has its story to tell of the contributions made by the forefathers in the building of this nation. It is with this pride that the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians must fall upon to foster a greater hope to unite the three main cultures into one and call Malaysia for Malaysians.
The Indians in Malaysia has been here long before the coming of the British and the influences that the Hindu culture has upon the Malay cultural heritage can never be denied and is a historical fact still being discovered in the jungles of Northern Malaya and elsewhere. Watch the short documentary made, Malaysian Indians - hidden history on You tube to get good glimpse of what the Indian contribution is like towards Malaysia. This short story depicts the average Indian mind and concerns towards the future of the Indians in this country and how we can turn defeat into success. It is never too late so long as we have the will and desire to do so and our youth understands their roles into the future; the future lies in their hands.
I write this in honor of all my Indian family and friends who I have grown up with, those alive and those who have departed. And the 1.2 million Indian Malaysians' sacrifice in developing this land; Malayisa.

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