Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We are Captains of our own Destiny.

So as the walls closes in on us from all sides including above and below, we are squeezed so tightly that we find it hard to breath and gasping for breath we ask yet still who am I? Why am I stuck in this quagmire of dissolution, like a broke record repeating time and again the same routine of  feeling trapped in a nest full of vipers and not being able to do a thing about it. What is more disturbing is to see that my children are facing the same quandary with even less means to cope with as their experiences are yet to mature enough to be able to see through the Illusions and delusions of this so called life. I know how much a cliche it is to say we are spinning out of control as far as humanity is, but sadly enough given all the events that are transpiring around the globe there is very little left to be excited about and a great deal more to be worried for.
Is there hope beyond this our present state of affairs, is there a silver lining beyond these looming dark clouds? I want to believe there is and it is in everyone of us to be able to come together and make it happen through what those who have been weary of such issues are sharing; our collective consciousness. Today more than ever there millions of us who are into deep transcendental meditation, Zen form of sitting meditation, Sufi form of Zikr meditation, Yogic form and Tibetan forms and not to mention the Shamanistic practices of mind control and so forth, what is to stop us from coming together and make a collective effort to shower this Planet of ours with a protective veil from being overcome by so much negative energy as she is presently suffering from? Is it too far fetched an idea to buy into? What else have we got to counter the negative with otherwise other than wars and annihilation of the specie? Only the blind and ignorant fail to see how we are drifting towards a  vortex of chaos and destruction and yet most of us are feeling helpless or in a state of denial making it as thought everything is copper static and AOK. So long as there is food on the table and gas in the tank, so long as the kids are in school and the bosses are happy, life is as it should be, so let's live and let live.
I cannot cry out loud enough that we are in deep shit status and if nothing is done to change the course of our destiny soon enough we will be up shit creek for good and God have mercy on us all when its to late to say, I told you so. Sit! Meditate! let your Mind expand throughout the Universe and Connect with the All and become One. Become that which is our inherent spiritual essence, the which is our Divine nature, that which is our Birth right; our presence, our Being. Not as a Muslim or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu, not as native American or an Australian Aborigine but as who we are, the essence of Being; Pure Consciousness Itself. Let us unveil ourselves and reveal our inner nature beyond that which we are conditioned to believe who we are and reach out and touch those who are already awakened to the same spirit of being and let us join our forces and enlighten the rest of humanity and spread the light of Right Understanding and overcome the darkness that is threatening to suck us into a Black Hole of Ignorance. 
We are given the brain for a reason and the reason is more apparent than ever in our human history; the Planet needs us to deliver ourselves and save her in the process. This cry out for salvation comes from the ancient ones and their wisdom of ages which have been preparing us to face our own self destruction and it is for us to heed their call and put to use what they have tried to impart for us throughout history. he internet is the latest of the'gifts' for us as a tool for us to accomplish the almost impossible task of uniting in common spirit an meet the task at hand which humanity is faced with; self destruction. Wake up! Stay Awake! Wake up your brothers and sisters and let them know that there is hope and that together we can alter our course from smashing ourselves upon self destruction because we are rudderless; a ship without a captain.  

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