Thursday, September 17, 2015

Letter of Proposal to Japan Foundation

To the Japan Foundation;

Dear Sir/Madam,

A Letter of Proposal -  
Art Exhibition entitled "3 Years in Sendai." (1995-98)

The exhibition will comprise of works done by the Artist - Shamsul Bahari while being a resident of the City of Sendai for three years along with his wife and two children. Most of these works were executed while the artist was a resident artist at the Miyagi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts in Sendai.

Works includes 3 major journals- sketchbooks, printmaking, water colors, pen and ink and photographs and Sumi-e Paintings on handmade Japanese papers.

3 Years in Sendai tells the story of a family relocated from San Francisco, California to Sendai in Japan. It tells of the life of a Malaysian Artist and his late wife who had spent as a ESL teacher for a total of 10 years in Japan and their two children who attended 3 years of their Kindergarten education at the Mukaiyama Yochien in Sendai.

The purpose of this letter of proposal is to seek financial sponsorship in making this project a reality. The financial support will include the framing and packaging of the artworks as seen fit by the artist and the eventual shipment to Sendai for an exhibition preferably at the Miyagi Prefectural Museum of Art.
It would also include the traveling expenses of the artist to accompany the works and make a presentation for the exhibition.

The aim of this project is to help foster a closer relationship between Japanese Artists in Sendai and those in Malaysia. During my stay in Sendai I made  many good friends of mostly local artists and those living around the area close by such as Akiu. It would be an honor to invite a few of these masters over to Malaysia and share their expertise. It would also help Malaysians to experience Sendai beyond her borders to such historic places such as among others. Yamadera, Matsushima and The Haguro Mountains as these are the places I have visited and did some art from.
It is my sincere hope that before i die i could revisit Sendai and pay my respects to those who had made my family and my life richer for three years. It would also be a journey that would remind me of my late wife Nancy Buss Bahari whose love of Japan is a tribute to the country where she spent ten years of her life teaching and later became a certified Japanese Language teacher as well. 

For more detailed information i would gladly visit your offices here in Penang or Kuala Lumpur to discuss this project.

Thank you,
Yours truly.
Shamsul Bahari.


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