Friday, September 04, 2015

He is the Giver and he takes.

And when He decides to deprive you of your wealth it may not be that He reduces you materialy to poverty but he could deprive you of the most valuable thing in your life: your child.  It is true that one can never predict what destiny has in store for you, but it  is still not such a good idea to tempt destiny with your arrogance, disdain, miserliness and lack of gratefulness for what has been given to you, for he will visit upon you a lesson that you will find difficult to endure for your transgressions. He will render the richest to become a destitute if not in material wealth, in the loss of someone closest tot you. This has been my thoughts and feelings of my cousin who runs one of the most lucrative catering business in this city. I felt a chill ran down my spine when someone told me early this morning that one of my nephews passed away in a fatal road accident while on his way to work.
I spent almost the entire day in Balik Pulau attending the funeral of yet another nephew who to me was an example of an almost perfect young man whose life was sadly, tragically robbed leaving behind a wife and two children while another on the way. It is like a repeat of the loss of my nephew not too long ago whose family I had spent the evening with yesterday. Such Is, life and for one who woke up early n the morning with the idea of not doing a thing or doing nothing I got a ride all the way to Balik Pulau along with two other people who I know of but never got to really know them until we took this ride together and had the opportunity to chat and the same was repeated with on the way back this evening along with three other childhood buddies who are now almost as old as I am who I normally never had the chance to chat with until this evening.

All in all it has been an eventful day where i got to see most of my relatives and friends from far and near at the funeral. It is a somber feeling to see those that i had considered to be condescending if not judgmental towards me being humbled by the turn of events in their lives. The lesson being that material wealth alone does not constitute the right for one to be arrogant and aloof towards those who have less; when you a genuinely thankful for what you have it will be felt by those who receive your generosity. However when your wealth becomes your tool for being insensitive and blind towards those who are in need, Allah's retribution will be swift and in the most painful ways. My cousin who has made his millions is now having a taste of what being deprived of real wealth means; life is a bitch!

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'dont plan, but if you have to plan, plan not to plan'
ibnu athaillah