Thursday, September 10, 2015

Being Presence and not personal.

Two days ago with RM300 in my wallet from my daughter I decided to leave the City and head for the mountains or what my son Karim calls an escape and what i justify as my retreat from Georgetown. I woke up and performed my 'Fajr. or morning prayer and after that threw some cloths together and set out in my Kancil, (small car) headed for my first pit stop, the Shell Gas station where i topped her up. Then I got into the car and she just simply refused to start! Dead! Kaput! Had it pushed to the side by one of the Bangladesh employees and tried to get it started but no dice. Stuck at the station I called one of my cousin's employees at the catering business and he came with one of my grand nephews and they tried to push it back and forth to get it started, nothing happened. Left the car there at the station and had the boys drop me off at USM where i waited till my friends at the garage opens and had one of the USM employees sent me on a motorbike to the shop. Later i was taken at the back of another motorcycle to the gas station where with a new battery installed i drove the car to the garage. Spent all day with my friends at the shop, Ah Huat and Ah Siang. Later in the evening Ah Huat offered me his Kancil to use as my car was still not resolved and so it was left overnight to be worked on. So much for my 'escape', my retreat.
While waiting at USM I made my last blog entry, "Where do I begin and where will it end." It was needless to say written with a heavy heart and perhaps even a sense of despair and anger. But it was also written as a catharsis, to let it out of my system these negative feelings when confronted with setbacks. It was to admit to myself that i really have no clue as to what I was doing or what i expect to happen in a day in my life as i took one step after another and perhaps even enjoying it at the end taking note of all that had transpired. Instead of ending up in Belantik, Sik in Kedah where the organic farm is I spent all day long handing out with car mechanics and University employees, made and entry in my blog and finished a novel by Simon Scarrow entitled, "The eagle and The Wolf," one of a series of books written by the author about the Roman Legions. Thus in an effort o 'do nothing' I did a whole lot of things or perhaps had to and it was not a problem; just a day in my life.
Yesterday after picking my car up as it was fixed at the cost of RM200 the cost of a replacement of a carburetor, I decided to give my son Karim a ride to his work as soon as i got home but when we got in the car it went dead again, nothing! Kaput! So called the mechanic and had him come to my home with another battery and I drove the car to the shop again where it was finally fixed at least i hope so. Was able to take my son to work and spent the rest f the day with my daughter doing her shopping as it was her off day. Spending the day with Marissa is something I look forward to as she is a smart young lady with a mind of her own and we discussed her work mostly and how i am coping with my experiment of not doing anything.

" The one who wants to do nothing they call him wise; Socrates said, 'I know nothing' Being nothing it does not mean that you perform less in fact sometimes you perform much more , much better because you are not so attached...The presence can be without the person but the person cannot be without the presence.   Outside you can appear as being something but inside you are nothing. The perfume of being nothing is Peace, Joy...Love"...Mooji.

When you hope for nothing, expect nothing, everything happens and happens in the most positive ways that you can imagine as i have been writing in my daily encounters, even the above quote came to me at 5:19 AM just this moment when i listened to the Satsang given by Mooji on Enlightenment ( on You Tube), which I would highly recommend to everyone who read my blog. I am slowly but surely am beginning to experience being presence and not being personal.

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