Thursday, September 24, 2015

50 Years of Pink Floyd.

When I first listened to "Wish You Were Here." I knew i found my soul music. I had no idea who Pink Floyd was, never really cred to find out during those years for fear of disappointment? Or never did care too much for details, my bad. I thought Floyd was a character in the band or something and i loved his music.

It was in Green bay Wisconsin when i first was introduced to the Pink Floyd album, ' Wish You Were Here 'and i used to listen to it till I would past out on the floor with the headphones in my ears full blast and this was at a couple of rich Thai students' apartment at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. 

The songs touched me almost spiritually within and back then and i was most of the time either stoned or drunk and so it came to me quite naturally, this connection i had with Pink. I always found the songs actually were aimed at my inner being, right to the core. My mind was never more opened than when i spent my five years as a University student in Green bay Wisconsin. These were the years of discovering Jedu Krishnatmurti and Allan Watts both at he same time. These were the years when iI met Calrry neslson Cloe, my printmaking professor from Sierra Leone,; one of the 'Who Is Who' of the Printmaking Scene in America. This were times when I traveled the world through my studies program and was exposed to great minds and Artists all over the United States.

Then as i got a little bit more sophisticated and was dating the assistant dean of student who also happened to be the International student coordinator at the University I became attentive to 'Dark Side of the Moon' because 'Bare foot Lizzy' ( my Lady), liked it. and "The Wall." Still never did found out who Dave Gilmore or Roger Waters was; details. The Wall evoked memories of my school years in Penang and Kuala Terengganu and how I hated school and at the same time enjoyed the hell out of it by being rebellious. Tear down the Wall! when i first listened to this vibrant music pounding in my head i felt the surge of freedom from my childhood years of being abused by adults especially my teachers.

Most of my relationship fell through the cracks and i can safely say that I had an average of one lady friend for every two years  ever since i was divorced from my first wife, but Pink Floyd lived on in me. In some weird sense their music almost led me through my life experiences somehow back then, like it all made sense to me even if i was getting nowhere in reality.

Then one year 1982?, I took a trip home to Malaysia and visited my twin brother who was then working and living in Kuching, Sarawak. Early one morning as i stepped into the living room there was the album, "Wish You were Here," playing on the phonograph and his little girl handling the album cover; it was spooky. I was sure my twin had no idea how connected i was to the album and yet there it was in the heart of Borneo. 

Now that i am about to kick the bucket myself i must say how much I appreciate having had the opportunity to be a part of a legendary Rock Group that has survived till this date with their concerts all over the world. I only wish I had been able to see them perform live; I only wish that I was there. Now i know who Roger waters and David Gilmore are and how far or how near they have been to me.

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