Monday, August 24, 2015

Awi's Yellow House revisited.

Walkway leading up to Awi's Yellow House.
Published on 7 Jul 2014
'What 'Is' cannot be lost, It cannot even be found. The seeker will not be a finder, but will be absorbed in Truth itself. It is most natural.
Yet it can manifest in different ways, as a passionate discovery, as an explosion, as an emplosion, as almost nothing happened.
The Self is not a happening. The happening is only the recognition of it. It has always been - here - as the Source of this manifest world.'..Mooji.
The place has not changed much an remained as rustic as it was.

Visitors comes from all over the world and most have been here before.

The blending of wood and greenery makes for a very homely feeling. 

Miriam, met her about ten years ago and the met her in Georgetown, Penang two weeks ago and now met her again in Pulau Duyung.

"Boyo" Miriam's husband. Working on his second Doctorate in Linguistics? Speaks good Bahasa.

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