Monday, August 31, 2015

"There is a Here that can never be There" - Mooji.

"Your own self is the only thing really worth discovering. That will not fade. Everything that you see, everything that you experience that you owned, Time says, "all this belongs to me."
Mooji. (You Tube)

I am here. I am sitting at this consul typing this blog entry while it is pouring rain outside; what am i here as? That was the question Mooji asked one of his questioner in the audience. What am I here as? So back to the fundamental question of "Who am I?" You spoke of the past where is it now where does it comes from that you gave it so much credibility and importance? Hence to you my brother, who I will still be carrying in my mind till I can fully let you go, as I am still not capable of erasing my thoughts and emotions as fully as a yogi, I ask this questions that i may understand further what has brought me to this dependent upon being attached to you as a brother despite the fact that you have no respect nor love for me in truth. On the same note i ask the same of my eldest son who has attained what he had set out to achieve, who is now a Flight captain in one of the world's largest Airlines, or my adopted  Chinese brother Lee who felt the need to lie out of jealousy and suspicions. I have been looking at you as a part of me, people i have been proud to think as a part of who I am, sadly enough, you are the mote in my eyes that I failed to recognize till it is too late. Perhaps i was blinded by your so called wealth and success which I have made the mistake of measuring up against who I am in my own ways. I held you to be emulated as a success stroy but you turned out to be my Karmic teachers a cleansing of my own soul. Hence i let you all go, free from my presence and i free from yours. 
I still ask however of your forgiveness of my wrongs against you as it is part and parcel of my practice towards full liberation from being attached to any form of unfinished experiences in my life before i depart albeit as a Muslim or a Buddhist. I wash my hands off you and all that was between us in the name of my Maker, my Lord and may He find tha Compassion to allow for me to be free from any form of judgement you may have set upon me that i found is unforgivable for whatever it was that You have accused me of. Let this moment of setting the words into the written form be my witness to this feeling i have of the relationship between us as coming to an end in my mind and my spirit. May I be liberated from without any stain from what has been between us. 
"I am Here, I am letting go of who I think I am, I am being who I am and who I am has no room for any doubts about my past or my relationships to others.
 Morning has broken like a new morning..

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