Tuesday, August 04, 2015

"The excellence of Knowing Nothing.- Mooji.

Just like everyone else i have been sucked into this on  going political vortex that is ravaging my country with so much discord and uncertainty when deep within me I know it is all an illusion being played due to some long term Karmic consequences or cosmic retribution for the collective whole of this nation and it will just have to play itself out. To be all wrapped up into silly knots by all these hoopla being played out by Greed, Hate and Ignorance is just no worth loosing my sight of my immediate consciousness, my being here in the moment facing that which is before me. I have payed too much attention towards these political issues so much so that i am even loosing sight of who I am. It is easy to get trapped into these episodes and events, getting attached to their attractions for positive or negative reason slowly but gradually drives me away from my own being.
Getting sidetracked even by such crucial issues that is being faced today is still getting sidetracked and it does not solve much or help much in better understanding of what is really going on. I have to return to my own inner being and or at least find my way back to who I am in order to better see what is truly transpiring around me. The safest place to be in a Hurricane is to be in its Center where there is nothing going on, nothing happening, nothing to distract you hence influence you. It is often quoted that in changing your state of mind you change your perception of the whole or the world, this awareness for change has to happen from within. For those who have the insight to change shift the gears every time the awareness arises, change becomes inevitable. Less judgmental, more tolerance through patience and clarity of perception becomes part of the change when this happens. It is like taking the step away from the tree to see the whole forest.
The forest too looks bleak what with all the logging and plantations replacing pristine rain forest, but that is another story although it too is part and parcel of what ails this nation and if looked into it too will become another roadside attraction for the mind to dwell upon and so it is best that i move on into looking at nothing. Yes nothing, as the Guru said, nothing, it all boils down to, ends up with hinges upon and really amounts to nothing! The mind if allowed to free reign will get into each and everything that comes within its range of frequency and will create an epic story out of a tripe and will drag one's spirit down into manic depression if allowed to. This has been the circle of life for most of us; a vicious circle resulting from a morbid mind addicted towards being attached to the external perceptions.
Yes we are concerned with what is ailing our nation, but the more we read into it the more entangled we become, unnecessarily embroiled into matters that is way beyond our control. Sometimes if not often enough, to be able to take a step back or even to totally remove one self from the glare of the events is more of what we need than to step right into the puddle. We need to come back to where we are in space and time, to here in the moment to become who we truly are unaffected or distracted by any form of external attachments, to be free from any form of influences that dictates our mind to come to a conclusion. Being in the presence of our own being we will come to our own unadulterated conclusion even if it is to come to nothing. Not a thing...perhaps in this state of 'emptiness of being nothing, we see everything Instead of through a myopic lens we see through the panoramic view of what truly is out there. 

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