Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Telling it as I see it.

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    A Day's headlines in the life and times of our beleaguered Prime Minister just so i do not have to bother writing any more than I need to of what is going on. Indeed it is most frustrating if not scary to be witnessing such a trend of events that will affect my life and the lives of the rest of my fellow countrymen in negative way. The feeling of being betrayed or taken for a ride by the very people we elected is not something easy to swallow but be it as it may we are strapped with this jinx for a while till something changes. 
    Call is Karma, call it retribution or call it what you may, Malaysia is going through a cosmic wringer that will be felt for years to come. I only hope that whatever th outcome will be it will not tear the country apart along the racial divide and leave us with an incurable conundrum.
    Even as I am writing my blog is being monitored like a subtle warning, as though I care anymore, there is nothing I am saying that is not the thoughts and feelings of almost all of the rest of my fellow countrymen. But for my own record I need to be up to date with what is happening otherwise what is the use of existing? Ignorance may be bliss, but living in denial is not ignorance and to live like a herd o cattle being led to the slaughter house is not living. IN years to come this will be a part of history and to anyone who stumble upon this blog it will be a piece of evidence that i did not live in ignorance nor in denial 

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