Monday, August 31, 2015


It is midnight of August 31st. and the nation celebrates its Independence Day with hundreds of thousands clad in yellow T Shirts, young and old, man women and child have inundated the Nation's capital as a show of Protest against the current government led by the PM, Najib Tun Razak. We as a nation has come a long way towards being one of the most developed nation in Asia until not too long ago when all hell broke loose with the discovery of the 1MDB debunkle, a failed deal led by the PM and his group of economic advisers that has cost the country to the tune of some RM42 Billion in debt; among other ailments that soon followed. The Malaysian Spring has begun.

Selection of Bersih images from various friends as a tribute to the superhuman dedication & courage that went into organizing such a colossally memorable & energetically powerful event. Jolly Good Show, Bersih 4! heart emoticon
The fight for freedom has begun and this time Malaysians stands up against the tyranny of their own rulers or the power that be. Malaysian political scene is at its worse since the My 13th. of 1969, however thanks to the Internet and various other widespread of media decimation of information, the nation has been able to contain itself from being  too emotionally exploited by various groups with vested interest. The predominantly Chinese dominated 'Bersih 04' Rally was a sounding success in terms of turn out and public support both in the country as well as overseas. Malaysia is not dead in terms of her citizens' well being as many are fully aware of what needs to be done to put the country back on track reaching for her "Vision 2020." We may have some work ahead of us to make things right again, to sweep clean and start anew over a clean slate as far as the government is concern, but we are doing it in a very impressive manner avoiding any confrontation between the different races; the Bersih Rally 04 despite its not so well resprisented across he board by the various races is a sounding of the people's call for clarity and transparency and the establishment of a healthy governance. 

Petang tadi punya cerita...beberapa orang Islam cari air nak wuduk, brader Cina bagi air mineral dan tlg tuang. Terharu...This is Malaysian!
We as a nation regardless of our race or cultural heritage are yearning for a unification that will place us as a single entity; a Nation indivisible, proud to be called Malaysians.

One of the videos of the crowd singing NegaraKu at midnight. This one was near Maybank I think.

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