Friday, August 14, 2015

Regurgitating Thoughts.

Don't let your mind mind run and leave you behind. Be ahead if you can but stay with it as much as you can; loosing your mind is more than just going crazy. Indulgence with the mind 's game can lead to loosing touch with your true being, who you are beyond the scope of mind as mind itself is  apart of who you truly are mind is one aspect of being. A state mind is a state of being, a state of being is not a state of mind. You are not your thinking mind, or who you are is not what you think you are of have come to accept of who you are through mind and experiences. Being is your essence of Mind, being constitute the state of total Acceptance or submission or surrender; I am no More! or I, am no more. 
Yada!yada! It is Friday, so have a little respect. It is a Holy Day and not a holiday as far as Muslims goes and then there is the Friday Prayer to which all male Muslims are required to attend, just like going to Church on Sundays. You listen to the sermon from the mimbar, the pulpit telling you what can go wrong with your religious practice, but have total faith in the All Mighty, for only in having absolute faith in Him can you be delivered, set free, liberated from the torments of the 'after life.'The Imam today delivered the sermon like he was in college giving  a sermon to a school of cadets. Half if not two third of those who attended were from Bangladesh workers from around the area and agood number were 'Mamaks'. or Indian Muslims and the rest is a mix of Malays and the rest. He was teaching Arabic pronunciations which I thought was very wise as it helps those learning to read the Quran or leaning the language, a chance to some good tips. But nothing mentioned about how intense the situation is that we as Malaysians if not Malays are in as far as our politics are concern. The fact that we all as fellow Muslims pray for deliverance as only Allah can show us the wisdom in handling ourselves as a Nation under siege. Nothing mentioned of how to handle uncertainties and the anxieties that comes with the rising cost of living especially to the lower income group. Not that we should have a special prayer for the fate of our Nation, that would be asking for too much on a busy Friday afternoon.  
Perhaps i am overly sensitive in my old age,(sounds good to be able to say it!), I am overly sensitive towards issues that does not concern me anymore, like where has RM42 Bilion gone to among other issues that is plaguing my country; like where will it all lead to? Change is good and it is imperative that we as a nation ,change. our present course  we know is not conducive to peace and prosperity anymore. Change can be instigated from the pulpit with right skillfull means to make for right understanding of the Umah attending the prayer. Even if all you do is to raise your hands and call for His mercy along with the rest of the congregation for the sake of our country it would have meant a whole lot more meaningful. In my old age all I heard was a lecture repeating the same old message as though we have not understood it already.
As you can imagine my mind took over and i was half asleep after ten minutes of surah in Arabic which my mind could not handle as I do not understand a word tried as i may to recognize some. Last week was worse. All through the sermon I felt like I was being bull-whipped for being a 'bad' Muslim. At least i was made to feel for myself, for my neglect and my transgressions and such. I lost my respect for the Imam in question as this was not the first or second time, it is becoming his norm. He is making going to the mosque on Fridays a bummer. 
You just saw how the mind can keep going on over a subject or an issue and get it to snowball and move from one topic to another, discussing, analyzing, scrutinizing and understand it before it will move on to the next channel, the next topic the next drama or it will simply take a nap and snap out of this whirlpool of thought and emotions that we are constantly being attracted and attached to for so long as we live. But all is not not lost, there are solutions towards this problem and throughout history wise men have sought out the best ways to understand the human mind and one of them was religions. The Buddha's teachings was realized in order to put and end to dual thinking mind and attain to Wisdom and liberation from the clinging on to this conditioned mind. This is attained through Absolute faith in The All Mighty, Lord of the Universe Him what you will...for a Muslim and all the three Judeo-Christian -and Islamic faith, the Complete Union with the Lord is the end to all suffering. When I, am No More, He is One...The God...Al-Lah...Allah. He has no witness but Himself. When the mirror is shattered there is no more to reflect.

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