Friday, August 14, 2015

Angin - The Wind.

Angin! The wind or in the internal organs system stands to mean 'gas'. IN the Malay ways of looking at things, angin is the cause of a whole lot of imbalances within the body that often leads to the worse scenario of a stroke or a heart attack, Na'uzubillah! Heavens forbid! The gastric build up can be caused by numerous reasons such as the kinds of food taken and the capacity for the individual to be able to cope with the the situation; some people are overly sensitive to the gastric imbalances that causes problems such as gastritis. For those who wish to know more Google it! Sometimes knowing simple things about and its working can save one from unnecessary grief. As it is not a pleasant subject to read about in any Blog, i will move on from ,Angin or The wind. 
The reason I raised the issue was becasue I had just left a group of guys having their breakfast before I sat here at Husni's desk thwere i do my blogging from. It is located at the office of the Muzium and galleri Tuaku Fauziah or MGTF, USM. So just in case you ownder, but the importance knowing a little of the matter does help, take it from a guy who suffers from gastritis in all its forms of aches and pains; the simple truth is watch what you eat and drink and make sure it all comes out on the other end at the right time and amount. Keep a good eye on your intake and waste disposal is all it takes. Working out at least once a day especially upon waking up before heading for the bathroom helps to move the angin towards farting it off expelling the'bad' air that had build up when you were asleep. Consciously breathing exercises definitely helps you to move the stale air in your body, sit for a moment and take some good breath till you come in touch with your physical self and watch what is going on. Allow it to adjust itself until you find a perfect balance overall in your whole physical form.The more you do this the easier it gets and the less time it takes for effective measures; just sit and breath and watch. You are now moving your Angin or Chi or energy within you through your consciousness. This, mind and body becomes one...just sit breath and watch..doing nothing else.
When I say something like 'raising your Kundalini Energy', it simply means getting touch with your source of energy and raising it to your consciousness level and this happens withing the center of your spinal column. It is like lighting the Bunsen burner or the stove at the tip of the spinal column and getting the energy cooking, heated up and vaporized like cold ice riding within every cell in the bone marrow till it burns it way up to the tip of the you forehead merging into what is called the 'Third eye', You have the choice of turning it into a negative or positive energy depending upon you consciousness and sense of presence; you are it.
But this is just my understanding and i could be wrong all these while that I have been observing and practicing; how much time I have wasted! An interesting experience I once had related to this movement of Chi or the Kudalini fire, or Angin or Ki is the cause of your ability to regenerate your worn out energies as you grow older it become a ageing resistance process throughout physical, mental as well as spiritual growth; there is always more to learn unless you decide to die an ignoramus; the Lord gave you the Mind for a grand reason and it is for you to discover your reason for existence.
"How did you spend your life on earth?" The Lord asked him.
" Well...I er.." and WHAM! the Lord smacked him of the side of the head with a two-by and he awakened! "NOTHING!"
"Exactly!" The Lord said with a regret in His voice.
There is Angin 'Kus kus".
There is the Kepala Angin!
There is the, Naik Angin and there is,
then there is Angin baik.
Google it!


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