Thursday, July 16, 2015


The final day of the fasting month of Ramadan, it is 6 am. Outside, kids are blowing up the world with their mini bombs to herald the Aidil Fitri festivities not a chance to continue sleeping. I am listening to some oldies just to clear my head, started off with The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot and followed by 'Cats in the Craddle' by harry Chapin, also picked out John Lenon's 'Imagine' and Billy Joel 'Just the Way you are.'and now the Scorpions ...a good to get rid of the moody blues creeping into my head and embark upon my rambling for the day.
I have been haunted lately by the state of this nation that I call home, how much turns it has taken for the worse with so much intrigues and corruption, mistrust and accusations that it seems like it is all coming to pieces breaking at the seams. It seems for every step we take forward we take three backwards and nothing seems real anymore as everything seems as much an illusion and delusion played by those who manipulated and exploited each and every move to cater to their each and every personal gratification. From politicians to bankers from the law and enforcement to the man on the street, there is so much envy and mistrust, prejudice and hatred that it has become a fear factor. Where will it all lead to, it is as good as anyone's guess and as for me I feel like it will take short of a miracle for this country to make a turn for the better.
This is a country that is lacking for nothing in terms of natural as well as human resources and yet it is now in jeopardy economically as well as at the socio - religious level where the various races that makes up this nation are coming into a collision course like legions all set to tear at each other's hearts and soul. It is sad, it is a tragedy, it is a human catastrophe in the making and there is little that can be done except to sit and let it run its course and pray that it will not take too much of a dive that we cannot recover from.
The specter of May 13th. 1969 looms ahead and like a runaway train we are headed towards the inevitable unless someone can pull  on the brakes by some miraculous effort and divert us from this final impact that has the propensity to dash us into an economic and racial upheaval which will make the Greek scenario seems like child's play. As the former Prime Minister, Tun M. once puts it, we are sitting on a time bomb waiting to ignite and it seems the ignition time is inevitably at hand. When it blows up in our faces, we can all rest assured that all the years that has been spent putting this nation together would be washed down the drain.
Our forefathers will roll in their graves in regretful mockery at our failure to keep the peace and harmony of this nation that they had forged with their blood, sweat and tears. They will curse us for the abuse and destruction we will wrought upon this nation through our greed, hate and delusions. On the eve of this Aidil Fitri I call upon all good men of this rich nation of ours to stand tall and deliver us in whatever ways and means at their disposal from this impending disaster that the country is headed for.
Salam Aidil Fitri to On and All my fellow Malaysians.


Enrique Larrea said...

Hola Shamsul,

I'm still reading your posts with interest.From the ones about spirituality (not religion), art, political opinions,etc.

Hopefully your words are not prophetic of a doomed fate for Malaysia.

In my experience Malaysia and his people are some of the kindest in the world.


Shamsul said...

Ola! Enrique, Happy to hear from you Compar, it has been a while. Yes Malaysia is going through a tumultuous phase and it would take a miracle or a revolution to transform this country and i hope and pray that it would be the miracle. I hate to think that the country would suffer the same fate as Greece. How are you doing? I hope you are in the best of health and still hopping all over the world doing your thing. All the best! Mucho Gusto, Maestro.