Monday, June 15, 2015

What is Wrong with Us?

We live in times of uncertainty, times of turmoils unprecedented and in times of never ending amazement at our own self discoveries and accomplishments often beyond our projected endurance; we as a specie simply are an enigma.(: someone or something that is difficult to understand or explained). I realize many has uttered or written the same worn out lines to express their inner desperation if not for just sheer ability to release the anxiety that has been plaguing the soul all these while; what have become of us. How have we allowed ourselves to be torn so drastically that we hardly recognize ourselves anymore as human beings. The atrocities that some of us even as nations are capable of defies our own intelligence; what has become of man?
I keep yelling inward as well as outwardly, GREED, HATE AND DELUSIONS! The three illnesses that man if inflicted with but it seems more than this and I cannot put my fingers on what it is for the life of me. I do not have to venture too far to see chaos that is manifesting all around the world not only in the lives of man but in nature itself as earthquakes and volcanoes are reshaping the land and lives of those who are affected by them. Global warming is happening and it is no more a game of political bargaining by major countries in the effort to shift their responsibilities upon those who cannot afford to challenge the status quo. Slowly lands are sinking beneath the  sea and lives along the coastal areas are threatened but little if not anything is done to counter these natural disasters already happening and what will it take to open eyes and generate actions?
I can keep on rattling like a broken record forever till I die of boredom but it seems people like me are just barking at the moon and our numbers are increasing as the Internet has helped to open up venues for us to expose our pent up anxieties and concerns. As I am listening to Mark Knopfler, Sting, Phil Collins and Eric Clapton sing the song Money for nothing and Chicks for Free on the You Tube my mind is trying to untangle the tangle. Such is the nature of how far we have come as a specie and yet it is also through these miracle of miracles the Internet that we learn of how badly we have evolved. Collectively man has progressed just far as it has regressed for even as we touch the frontiers of space in our quest to expand our boundaries externally we have regressed into our darkest being internally; we have become the splintered soul.
I do not have to look far just browsing through what is transpiring here in this country is enough to scare me; perhaps i should learn to bury my head in the sand...

Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi was criticised for showing her “aurat” and the “shape of her vagina” in a leotard after winning a gold medal at the SEA Games. These criticisms infringe on her freedom of choice and such crude remarks are an assault of her modesty.
By Zakiah Koya  6/15/2015 2:00:00 PM
The Heat Online.

(Malay Mail Online) – The mountain guide who was assigned to the 10 tourists who stripped naked on Mount Kinabalu thought the group of foreigners was disrespectful and “arrogant” from the moment the expedition started, according to a British daily.
Four tourists — Canadian siblings Lindsey Petersen, 23 and Danielle Petersen, 22; Briton Eleanor Hawkins, 24; and Dutch national Dylan Snel, 23 — today pleaded guilty to their act and were sentenced to three days’ jail, fined RM5,000 each and ordered to be deported.
The four were charged under Section 294(a) of the Penal code for public indecency, an offence which is punishable by a maximum three months’ jail term or fine or both.
The other six are believed to have left the country.

(The Star) – Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (pic) has hit out at politicians for not putting the interests of the people first.
In a series of tweets, the AirAsia Group chief executive officer pondered if the country would ever have a political party which would put the people as priority.
“Government and opposition spend so much time on race and religion. Will there ever be a truly Malaysian party that puts people first?” he said in a tweet that was retweeted more than 500 times as of yesterday.
He described the present state of affairs as “strange times” for Malaysia, and voiced his disappointment at the lack of accountability.
“Good education, good hospitals, fair distribution of wealth, an economy that creates jobs, honest clean Government. Transparent leadership,” he said in another tweet, referring to his aspirations for Malaysia.

Malay Mail Online) – After a complete wipeout of the progressives by the clergy class in PAS’s elections two weeks ago, its deposed deputy president Mohamad Sabu, or popularly known as Mat Sabu, declared that Malaysia is now facing an ideological threat similar to that propounded by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).
Speaking at a ceramah event here last night, Mat Sabu said the signs of rising Islamism have become more apparent today and this dangerous trend was reflected in the campaigns throughout the PAS election where any views that differed from those of the clergy class (ulama) were immediately labelled as un-Islamic.
“If we do not stop this then we shall see the arrival of the IS (ideology) into our country. We can already see this dangerous line of thinking in how they are labeling people,” Mat Sabu told the ceramah.
“Those with differing views are deemed as liberals, munafik (pretenders), jebon (derogatory term to describe traitors) and if we fail to contain this (line of thinking) then we will become like the middle east – which has been devastated by sectarian wars.”
Mat Sabu predicted should Malaysia become engulfed in sectarian violence, it would take decades for the country to recover much similar to the war-torn Arab nations.

We are not here to underwrite your stupidity. If you find that you’re intelligently challenged for the job, I think we are more than happy to sack you and spare you all the anguish.” 
It has not been a good year for Malaysians in general. Consumer prices in Malaysia rose 1.8% year-on-year in April, up from 0.9% in March. The increase is largely due to the implementation of GST on April 1 this year.
The government has already begun its subsidy rationalisation programme last year that saw a removal of petrol subsidy, which is replaced with a managed float mechanism that is adjusted monthly. Despite data showing a lower-than-forecasted inflation rate due to the falling oil prices, the man on the street continues to see increase in prices of goods. This is despite assurances that basic food items, medicine and education would be zero-rated. 
“Basically (the government is) asking for a mammoth demonstration. I can’t see any other way people will respond to it. The GST is already affecting the people since goods and services are being taxed at 6%, but this is 30%. For many motorists who commute daily, this is a heavy burden,” says Wong. By Raphael Wong 
6/15/2015 9:00:00 AM - The Heat OnIne.

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