Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Looking closer at my 'sick mind'.

The World is at my finger tips
My mind seems to have hit a high wall and everything seems to happen like without any sense of my being in the pilot seat. Hence why I have been avoiding writing in my blog as most of what has been happening seems unimportant or irrelevant to be repeated in the form of writing. I have been going through a period of uncertainty again like i have always been throughout my life off and on and i have been having a hard time getting back into the spiritual mode of handling things. .

Technology rules!
I had just iwped out a whole paragraph after trying to change the size to the font which is too small for my liking and this kind of crap seems to happen more and more like this morning my car decided to not start and i had to sweat it out trying to get it to run. After I realized that it was flooded and got it to run I drove to the mechanic to actually pay him for what i owe from my past repair but he was not around and told me to wait for his return. When asked for how long must i wait I was told to drive as is and come back when he is around, so he missed my payment too not knowing it.
The time spent on the phone and I pads is phenomenal .
So whats the catch? is there a silver lining behind this stretch of dark clouds/? Perhaps there is and it is yet to be seen. I have been fully aware of what is transpiring, it is not that  I have allowed for it to carry on without any care, allowing myself to be shove here and there like at the mercy of some Voodoo queen. No, I have been pitching my energy against all odds for whatever it is worth and taking measures whenever and where ever i could, like talking man to car with my automobile and surprising myself that it worked.  

My friend Mohd. Rafi has recently discovered the Face Book on the Internet.

I still sit. Not as regular and or regimented as I used to bu i sit and now i sit  with greater ease or so it seems. I have made some progress in being able to redirect my mind from passing by tits and asses and i have better control of my mind from wandering into others' conversations and things in the Internet that has no value or significant to my well being. Yes I am still stuck in the rut of having to ease myself every now and then while watching Japanese Housewives scrub the floors on their hands and knees (on You Tube), but that too has become less often and far in between. It is not easy to heal a sick mind and after all these years I am still nowhere near becoming a sane human being. 

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