Saturday, June 27, 2015

That which is Real.

"Within each of us, there is a silence, a silence as vast as the universe. And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are." -Ginilla Norris
To experience this silence that is within each and everyone of us would require moments of peace and quiet in and around us. I requires the discipline to sit and contemplate into an eventual state of meditative mind where one becomes totally absorbed into oneself and merging with all that is in and around us.Meditation is the key towards all mental absorption and the ability to bring one's mind to a stand still is no easy matter as the mind has its own agenda in making sure that it is never totally silenced at any given moment. The more we are reactive towards any given situation external or otherwise the more the mind attaches to the situation adding its own multi-dimensional perspective to the event making it more than it really is. One can never force to silence the mind as the harder we try to worse it becomes; the mind can only be silent on its own, by itself and when it does we have to be awake and aware it happening to take full advantage of what is there in the 'pause' that the mind is in.
This moment of temporary break, this moment of a pause in the mental stream of activities is when revelations, intuition or original ideas are manifested. It is imperative that we are absolutely present in these moments to receive the revelations and act spontaneously upon them manifesting their messages into reality. When a swordsman stands facing his opponent and his mind is completely silenced, his actions becomes spontaneous and unimpeded, he becomes invincible a 'mindless killing machine'. There is no hesitation in his action, as a matter of fact he is no more there to hesitate. The Artist in this state of mindless-ness will paint without any hesitation and his brush strokes will show this to an expert's eye revealing the originality of the act.

"There is no reality except the one contain within us..." -Herman Hesse.
What is this reality that is contained within us that Herman Hess is referring to in this quote? Nothing is real all reality is is relative to the perceive, the beholder, the observer, the witness and even then reality is no more real than a magician's illusion as science has proven that nothing in this universe exist as we perceive them to be, like tables and chairs are atoms and molecules. I am no scientist but I can accept what science says on this matter. Hence i know i do not exist as I think I do physically, that i am merely a group of atoms with same density of vibration that is slow enough to come together to form me and all that is around me. Our mind is conditioned to perceive otherwise and so we accept the world as it is a separate reality a reality that everyone of us abide by as 'Real'.
The wisdom of the ancient has long before science has foretold of our ignorance in perception of our so called reality. Hence the Buddha for one has pointed out the fact that this world we are living is Maya or illusion. For so long as we exist in this form of illusion our life is suffering we are trapped in a net of illusions like what is today popularly known as 'the matrix'. We are no more than a program that is existing according to what is created for our  existence; we exist like rats in a maze. To free ourselves from this maze we have to break free of the mold, that which imprison our consciousness to believe that we are in fact existing in 'Reality'. We have to tear away the veils that is hiding our consciousness from seeing what truly is. We have to detach our mind from the preconditioned state of consciousness and see with our heart our true nature in relation to what is being thought out for us. The world as it is is the product of collective thoughts that has since the beginning been projecting itself into a reality that is governed by fear and self preservation ultimately that of the ego. Th ego creates its own reality such a one that does not threaten its very existence as a form of survival plan.
This is as being accepted by the religions or God worship as the free will, that which is afraid of loosing its own self control over the world. To have absolute free will is to be free from having to make any choices, unlike the dual thinking mind. Absolute free will is subject to no claims of right or wrong, good or bad; it is free or attachment, free of concepts and perceptions; it is the enlightened mind. It is the reality that is within all of us before we were even conceived by our parents. Call it the Divine Spark or the Original Buddha Nature, call it the Atman or the Roh Kudus.(Divine Spirit.) This is you, this is me this is all of us when we are free of the 'Matrix' or the maze that is mind created out of fear that spawn the hydra of Greed, Hate and Ignorance as its armor for self preservation. 

"Oh, and why not take a chance on faith as well, take a chance on faith, not religion, but faith. Not hope but faith. I don't believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through a fire and faith leaps over it. - Jim Carrey.

Just about every religion professes faith or iman when it comes to spirituality in man. Having faith keeps us from loosing that position we hold to be true in our standing in this life. The Buddha calls it our Dharma position, that from which we take on life without wavering in our commitment to who we truly are. It is that with which we worship our Lord holding to to it no matter what challenges are being placed in our path to make us deviate from the Lord's Grace or Mercy. Having an unshakable faith in the teachings of the Buddha is one way to overcome all the hindrances that man is faced with in this life of illusions. Holding steadfastly to the words of the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet (Bless unto Him) will deliver us from the corruptions of this existence and deliver us home to our true home in the hereafter.
Faith cannot be forced upon anyone and it is free from any doubts whatsoever for it to be potent. 
" A man of courage, is also full of faith." - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

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