Friday, June 26, 2015

Saying farewell.

What is dissolution? How does one become disengaged from or find complete detachment from this life. How does one 'politely' bow out of the circle without causing any ripples that would disturb the order of the things or the Universe. This circle of Birth-death and rebirth (if one believe in reincarnation) or heaven or hell if one is a follower of the Judeo-Christian -Islamic religion. Can 'Liberation' form the bondage of life in this material realm be transcended while one is still in this physical form in short can one attain to Buddhahood in this present life. If not what is holding you back? Why do you have to live out your life and die not knowing what lies in the future or afterlife other than in faith over what has been taught by the religions and ancient texts and scriptures. How does one free this dual thinking mind, the mind that is trapped by the dichotomy of right and wrong, this or that?
I look inside my heart, and I look inside my soul and all I can come up with is the cessation of all that is and become empty of my own being or as a Muslim total and absolute surrender or submission to the 'Will' of my Lord. If I am a non believer or an atheist, a free thinker, where do i fit into in this whole scheme of life? Through my Blogging or this ramblings of the Cheeseburger Buddha i have myself time and again, over and over these same questions and have yet to be enlightened by an a complete and profound answer that can hold water for me. I am still sometimes lost in delusion and ignorance, wandering in limbo often in despair as more and more of what i see happening all around in this world that are shaking my foundation as a human being. 
If asked what i really want in this life I too would say peace and not just peace for myself but Peace for Humanity for the Planet, the Universe as a whole. Today not only do i not find peace for myself, I find so much discord and chaos all over the planet that my status as a man has come into so much question that i am doubtful of who I am; I cannot find my Dharma position anymore. My faith in my Maker is so shaken sometimes that I am afraid I will become lost for good and so will my children and theirs after them. What will become of man when all faith and teachings are being abandoned and hypocrisy and corruption rules with greed, hate and ignorance? I have grown however to believe that somehow man will transcend his present state of being in the realm of darkness and find his way back into the light. How or by what methods or teachings is yet to be seen but if man were to survive with his sanity intact into the future, coherent and substantial mode of  being has to be manifested whether religiously or scientifically, something that can drive man as a Collective whole into the  next epoch. 
A small part of me still hold the believe that in being able to come to fully understand who I am I will make a difference at least before I step out of this circle of life. Like the Buddha and all the Enlightened Beings of the past, I too can set free one or two of those who are ready from this bondage or the life of ignorance and suffering. However even i find myself entangled time and again in deep rooted Karma, I too am an unrepentant sinner far from an awakened being; how can I lead even one to take that final step beyond. For as long as I am still breathing I can keep chipping away a little at a time the crust of rust that has accumulated covering the very light within my heart. I can keep polishing the coal till it turns bright as diamond again and unleash its brightness to end all the darkness around me. But I realize that this will take lifetimes as the layers of accumulation is too thick and stubborn to be wiped off as easily.
Suffice to say, I will keep on trudging with greater determination and submit to the Divine consciousness within in the hope that by the grace of all Sentient being of the past present and future my effort will find some small recompense for those I have transgressed and a benefit for those who read my Blog.       

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