Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Looking at my health.

I think I have a good idea on what I have or might be the cause of my demise; I suffer from angina attacks plus high blood pressure which according to my reads on the medical journals on Internet might lead to kidney malfunctions and so forth. Not too bad at 65 going on 66 what can one expect and the way life is headed with all the crap that is messing up the planet and most countries and societies in general, perhaps it is a good time frame to say Asta La Vista. As Yoda the Jedi master would say, "Scared I am, but the force has been with me most of my life, if time to let go it is, the let go I must.."
I have been to the doctor and had my physical done but from my personal evaluation of my condition i must say I am not doing too good as even while typing right this moment i fell all the symptoms struggling to kick in. I could suffer a heart attack any time if I am not more cautious.Most importantly I have to learn to slow down in every activity I undertake henceforth and i have to respect my intake of the medication i have been prescribed by the doctor, (which I have not really). So in the effort of self preservation and in the effort to stay a little bit longer i will try to abide by the simple rules of the medical advice I have been given and the ones i am reading. I will meditate more on how to keep my calm and do less than I need to physically, have better control on my diet and most importantly have a good talk with my mind on what is going on; it looks like we are sleeping on the job.
Cause and effect, there has to be a cause for the projection towards you end of days on this plane before you can be transported tot he next level of existence and if you a whole of baggage in this life and are not willing to drop then off then you will need some extra time. However if you have learned to drop off your load as much as you can you are a lighter being and can travel a whole lot faster onward towards your next destination. meditation helps those who see life as merely time travel. There is only one episode after the next as you take one step after another and one breath after the next; you cannot take two breaths at the same time nor eat two mouthfuls in one gulp. Hence if you understand that you are merely a passing by entity on this plane of existence you will most probably try not to be weighed down too much by all the hooks and crooks that this life has to offer no matter how tempting; you learn to let go.
Words are useless without action to verify your claims to the truth of the matter that you are expressing and if your experiment in life is worth taking note of then it has to have a detail record to accompany such claims, otherwise you are merely writing poettries and singing ballads of a life you wish you had lived. I am writing my conclusion to my existence or so it seems and before i close this chapter i hope to make some sense of it all; to at least have some sense of understanding who I am or what was it all about? I must admit that on the hole, I could have done better but then it would mean having larger baggage to to get rid of for as it is i am merely inheriting what my grand father was and what my father was before me. I have only managed to cut off a negative habit or two in the process of my evolution like drinking and being a drug abuser, womanizing and gambling, I might say I am keeping myself relatively clean, sort of respecting my time and age getting set to take that one step beyond with the lightness of being or being a little more enlightened - less baggage.

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