Saturday, June 06, 2015

Reflections on my mind.

I am making the entry from my friend Mohammad Rafis Lap Top while being eaten alive by mosquitoes and to the smell of bird poop. It is hot and humid here and has been no rain for quite  awhile; The east Coast is going through a dry spell. Tajol, Rafi's son was married yesterday and all went well and well attended by more than expected. I spent most of the day with Rafi's brothers from Penang. A cab driver and a fisherman and we talked about the fate of the Malays in Penang. We all agree that the present State government ruled by the DAP has done a good job so far an d pretty to the Malays plight. Without the Malays Penang would no more be Penang it will be like loosing a National Heritage of a State in terms of its local population, not to mention Culture and religion; Penang will be just another Singapore or even Hong Kong. Nothing wrong in itself except that they lack the character; what makes Penang.
Malays owe it to themselves to survive the change is rapidly overtaking them economic as well as socially.or they will be marginalized there is no blame on the Chinese as they are victims of their own doing through their politicians and government representative in the past  and perhaps is still ongoing.The have been let down badly by the people they elected. These very individuals sold them to the mercy of the Chinese. Most Malay enclave or what used to be Kampongs are now being bought off and developed with expensive housing that the Malays could never afford to own. Like is happening all over the world, the weak and ill represented minority will suffer. The Indian Muslim community is one hope that the Malays have to help ease the onslaught of the predominant Chinese plan for the future of the Island.
Tensions are flaring among the  different races over  Rfai's brother the cab driver told stories of fights and fatal shootings  but it is still not in the crucial stage.Penang is getting cleaner than it used to be Kudos to the MPPPP and the State Government, but the rivers are still in need of attention. The pubic has to be made aware of the need to "Heal the Rivers." As more and more housing is being developed more effluents of mixed chemicals and detergent will find its way to the rivers. Motor oil is the number one polluter that does irreparable damage to the rivers Eco system.The improper discharge of waste oil i no matter how small an amount will find it way to the river through rainfall. Transport depots such as bus terminals where engine wash and maintenance is being carried out waster water has to be monitored for proper discharge.
We talked of what is going on with the political situation and the latest financial scandals and we all came to agree that it has become tiring to even try to figure out what is happening.
Tomorrow petrol will cost ten cents more someone just informed my friend Rafi on his hand phone and he just shrugged his shoulders and continued to roll his 'rokok daun'. Then he looked at me and said'"Now shit is really going to hit the fence! Will it? How bad can it get in this country? There is not going to be a revolution for sure as it is not in the blood of the people to rise in violent protest against the injustices that is being levied upon them by the ruling powers. Malaysians are a cowardly bunch when push comes to shove and most of us are comfortably numb living the way we are. Being one if the most corrupted nation o=earth has become a symbol of pride.
Never in the history of this nation has it been dragged down by so much discord and lack of direction. The nation is in a state of disillusionment and the people are caught between the devil and the deep with no way out. It is beginning to feel like we are living in a pressure cooker.and the steam is rushing out out with a very loud whistle but no one is hearing it. The former Prime Minister Tun M. has been taking up arms against the ruling party calling for a change in the government demanding that the prime minister step down and be held for accountability to the economic bungles that has caused so much strain on the nation's purse. However so far nothing has really happen that would send any clear message as to any form of change is in the making anywhere in the near future; we are still comfortably numb. The truth of the matter has not hit us hard yet like it did Greece not too long ago; an economic meltdown.
However all these are just shades of life happening elsewhere far from this backwoods state of Terengganu and appears here in the form of mere coffee shop and time passing discussions among friends for lack of better things to talk about. There is a lack of passion for what is going on in and around the country and most of these people are why the price of fish is high and when or how they can rouse from their stupor is any one's guess but awaken they must be made soon in time.

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