Saturday, May 02, 2015

What happened to my taste in Music over the years. - Tribute to 'Barefoot Lizzy."

Mark Knopfler has lost most of his hair but is still strumming away, 'Brothers in Arms', one of my musical idols, some one i grew up with, The Dire Straits, while Roger Waters has turned grey but still protesting against the injustices of the world order and perhaps still 'Amused to Death." still asking "What's the shelf life of a teenage Queen?... excuse me Mam...the species has amused itself to death'. Another of my teenage idol and the band Pink Floyd that i grew into through my college years. I used to fall asleep with the earphones on with the music blasting away and a half empty Whiskey bottle laying next to me while i was a student at the University of Wisconsin , Green Bay. What else was there to do in the dead cold nights of winter in Wisconsin? I am lucky that my ears did not suffer from any loss of hearing due to these excessive loud sounds that bombarded my olfactory drum.
There were more folksy and mellow artists that kept me accompanied during those Wisconsin years including Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan, Harry Chapin and Gordon Lightfoot, I was introduced and got hooked the classics and Jazz by my former landlord and friend Leon Lodl while living at his farm house on Humboldt road not too far from the UWGB. Numerous nights were spent lazing by the fireplace listening to Jean Pierre Rampal or Hubert laws, Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi's Bolero was a favorite.  There were others like Toto and Lobo and groups like The Eagles and so forth. It was the best of years and the worse in my life during those Wisconsin years after being fired from the meat packing plant of the University Meats and Cold Storage as a boner to later graduating from the University Wisconsin with a BA in Fine Arts.
Bob Marely and Jimmy Cliff were introduced to me while i was living in the Barring Sea off the coast of Alaska. It was in the early eighties and Reggae was in town.  Today there is very few music that i truly enjoy among which includes the Epic Soundtracks of Hans Zimmer and the Great sounds of Kitaro; I must be growing old in my taste for music, however i still revisit my old friends when I feel like taking my ears for a walk down memory lane.  Oo.'How i wish, how i wish you were here! We were two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...year after year!"
And who was "Barefoot Lizzy"?

"If you’re 33 or older, you will never listen to new music again—at least, that’s more or less what a new online study says. The study, which is based mainly on data from U.S. Spotify users, concludes that age 33 is when, on average, people stop discovering new music and begin the official march to the grave.
  • This study appears on a blog called “Skynet & Ebert”. Unfortunately, a pair of sentient cybernetic film critics haven’t founded a peer-reviewed journal. It’s simply a blog run by a former management consultant who currently works at Spotify and The Echo Nest—the two sources used to gather all the data in the study.
  • The study also claims that parents stop listening to new music a little earlier than their unfruitful peers. The author determined “parenthood” by the presence of children’s music and nursery lullabies on user playlists, presenting the possibility that the data set was tainted by creepy adults who lull themselves to sleep every night with Raffi’s “Baby Beluga”.  [via CBC Music]  
  • All this is to say that yes, conventional wisdom is “wisdom” for a reason. So if you’re getting older and can’t find yourself staying as relevant as you used to, have no fear — just wait for your kids to become teenagers, and you’ll get exposed to all the popular music of the day once again!

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