Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Saddest News Mankind has to hear about.

The Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority in Myanmar, has been called by United Nations (UN) as the “most persecuted community of the world”. - See more at: 
Around 10 days ago, the world found out that some 8,000 Rohingya women, children, men and elderly are stranded at the sea, drifting ashore on unsafe boats with insufficient food, insufficient water, and nowhere to go.
The traffickers, after charging a large sum of money to take the Rohingya out of Myanmar, deserted the boats as soon as they faced the slightest risk of getting caught and now, these people have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go because no country is willing to take them in.
In other words, these people, human beings just like you, are denied a patch of land to stand on. They are told that they simply have no place in this world.
Indonesia, although it is the most populous Muslim country in the world, turned the boats away and told its helpless passengers to “go to Malaysia instead”.
In a shocking move, the Malaysian deputy home minister said his country, which until recently welcomed the Rohingya, would use tough measures, including turning back asylum-seeker boats and deportations in order to send the “right message” and said, “We don’t want them to come here”

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Where do you stand on this issue, you wherever you are whoever you may be.
 The world belongs to everyone, but these people are not given the right to live in it. After being ruthlessly hunted down, killed, tortured, burned to death, denied citizenship, education and basic human rights, they are now denied even a patch of land to survive. In other words, they are told to die by the world. 
As this persecuted minority cannot find a small piece of land to continue their lives, the world is actually so vast that if the world lived with the population density of New York City, the state of Texas would be enough to fit the entire seven billion of the human population in it.
In the same way, water resources are more than enough for all of us and with just over half the daily average outflow of the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River, we could meet the freshwater needs of the entire world's population; furthermore, the farmlands of the USA alone would be enough to feed the entire world.
Today, literally every country has the option to help these poor people, give them a place to live, give them a cup of food and water. But they don't. Instead they stand by and watch.
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