Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I will live little longer after all.

Saw the doctor this morning and she read my blood and urine tests to ascertain my physical health and according to her i have slight problem with my kidneys functioning as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol level all of which is still within manageable levels and should be monitored. Otherwise she said that i have a good reading overall better than most of her 35 year old patients. So i am feeling a little less stressful considering this being the first time i went to see the doctor after many years of avoiding having my physical done.I told her of my experiment with self healing through meditation and the fact i do keep a very close watch over this body of mine and its  internal workings. I should say I am a little more confident that  all these years of my practicing 'auto-suggestion and mental hypnotic repetition of empowering words such as " I am whole, Strong, Powerful etc. have actually worked. However i have felt less energetic of late due to perhaps stress having to do with others in my life including my children and their well being.
I would seriously recommend to my friends and those who read my blog to take up meditation as a practice in monitoring  one's health and that self healing and self rejuvenation is not a far fetched idea if one truly put all effort and faith into it. It cost you nothing but just being conscious of doing it or taking the time off to act upon your routine of sitting and breathing until you are in silent  contact with inner being you very cells and to even the very atoms and molecules that makes up your  body. Visualize them, especially the cells that makes up your brain. Get in touch with these parts of you that function otherwise without any sense of direction or purpose, guide each and every cell to act according to your mapping. It is simple and it only takes a little imagination for you to figure out how or what to send out to your cells and organs, to awaken them towards creating an ideal situation for a healthy, creative and productive growth.
I am glad i did visit the doctor as this has brought to my attention what i need to focus on more for an optimal healthy growth after learning of my weak areas such as the kidneys and the high blood pressure as well as the high cholesterol level and how all three are inter connected. I was very happy to have learned that my biggest worry has been allayed; my sugar level is normal - no diabetes.I even look forward to working these three areas and put them back into their normal functioning state now that i know..That which i can reverse I will by again working with my visualizations, autosuggestion through meditation. I will revitalized every organ in my body and expel every unwanted elements and create a sustainable alignment of every organ in me and for now i will use the medication as a help till I can proceed without them.
Perhaps this last few entries of my blogging has been very boring to most of my readers, I hope it will change soon as i venture deeper into my inner being and unlock more interesting stuff and share them with you. I am getting somewhere, I can feel  it just like someone facing death up close and personal in a sense but not quite there yet and enjoying what lies ahead! I was out in the wild a few nights ago and woke up some time in the middle of the night to ease myself. it was dark and the toilet was the river bank a few hundred yards from the campsite, I took a stroll in the dark and did not feel any fear whatsoever while squatting and taking a crap in the middle of nowhere to the sound of the rapids and occasional sound made by wild creature around me. I was even surprised that i was not afraid, even when i tried to conjure up scary images of ghosts and demons of the night tapping me on my shoulder while i doing my thing. It is all in the mind, the doctor had said to me when we discussed about self healing and i can see it happening but it does take practice and faith in yourself most of all, belief and effort.
I took my son Karim with me this time of my trip to the Ulu Muda jungle retreat and we camped there for three nights he seemed to have had a good time and made a few friends in the process, people who are jungle enthusiast, hunters as well as conservationists.I was still now fully recovered from my lower back pains and my high blood pressure did not allow me too much rough activity, but i did enjoy the quiet and tranquility that the city can ill afford to have, Being away from the city was a boon in itself and i could not ask for more.I strongly believe that one has to make very effort to break away from that which becomes a routine in one's life before it become a rut and impossible to break free from. An environmental change, a change of pace and atmosphere of surroundings and people can help towards making one's life a little more healthy mentally.    

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