Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Where will come peace?

Three days it has been since i returned back to civilization after a couple of days spent in the heart of the Malaysian forest camped on the banks of the Sugai Kecil or smaller ricer in Ulu Muda a part of the Muda Dam area. It is fast drifting into days of 'same ol, same ol' where nothing has changed and the traffic outside my window seems getting heavier and more desperate. Georgetown has just been declared a City by the King and so everyone is excited for nothing as the GST is in motion and the nation felt its impact on their pockets. The mood in the country as a whole is at its all time low and if there is a civil war in the making it should start anytime now.

The most vociferous among all is the former Prime Minister, Tun Doctor Mahathir whose vehement and vocal attack on the status of the present PM Najib has been relentless. Now the Inspector General of Police has threatened to arrest the old timer while the IGP himself is being accused of telling lies to the nation about the murder case of the Mongolian lady. Oh it gets more and more exciting this garbage that is being strewn all over the country through politicians and religious pundits. It seems like there is no hope to an end to the saga of the Malaysian government as one episode falls upon another creating a scene like out of a TV serial while the common folks reels under the threat of economic melt down and racial upheaval. The irony would be that the loss is still theirs to bear while the rich and infamous laugh their ways out of the country or to the nearest off shore accounts. Tensions and acts of desperation's are beginning to manifest in the form of more and more violent crimes and theft, beatings and crimes of passion sometimes for no apparent reasons.
Malaysia is not a happy country anymore. Most or the people are angry if not disillusioned by what is transpiring in the administration of the country and how for a country that has practically anything and everything can slide down into a third world status country in such a short time is beyond them. Most are living hand to mouth and barely surviving the day while the rest are wondering when the keg will blow up after so much discord and diseases being fermenting for so long. Malaysia is no doubt like a time bomb waiting to unleash all that is being kept pressured within her and it is a matter of when. If Malaysians continue on living in denial, making belief that all is well when it is not, making excuses and and justifications while practicing self servitude I see very little hope for us all and when shit hits the fence there will be dire consequences to all, not only the poor and down trodden but the rich and the well to do as well.

As you move away from the object of your observation you begin to see the bigger picture and the bigger picture is not that pleasing these days.
There is no end to the call for the nation to wake up, to get real mad and to take it upon themselves to correct the wrong that is now becoming a malignant cancerous situation. It cannot be said enough that we as a nation should cry out foul! Surgically remove all the cancerous organs and replace them with more healthy and pure organs or we will be singing our last National Anthem before too long.


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