Friday, April 10, 2015

Do You believe in Self Healing?

It has been two days now since my lower back gave way and i am shifting around like a crab screaming inside with every shot of excruciating pain. It seems this is becoming an annual affair where i would get this lower back ache and this last one was out of the blue without any warning or trauma. I was standing by the trough waiting of dirty dishes when it hit me. A slight shift and i felt the searing hot pain barely perceptible in the beginning and them I knew what was coming and I had to grad a hold of the sink in front of me to avoid from making any sudden move, but too late and now i am an invalid. Off course the mind is having a field day of adding more to the aggravation by suggestions that it could be a whole lot worse than it seems, like a stroke in the process of happening as my left arm is also acting weird. Even as I am sitting here typing I can barely shift my body without being in pain, so I guess a visit to the hospital might be the next move.
Have not been to the doctor for god knows how many years now can barely remember when or where i last did. I just hate the hassle and like most stubborn idiots I don't really fancy having the state of my health spelled out to me "Sir, your cholesterol level is way up there and you got diabetes plus high blood pressure, further more you stand a great chance of getting a stroke at any moment if you persist in not taking care of yourself. You need a full medical check up, no two ways about it; do you have any medical insurance? Yes it seems just about every Tom, Dick and Mary who have passed 60 will face this similar medical junction and I am way pass that date. Call me stubborn or reckless, but I have insisted in my own self healing routine via my meditation and Yogic practices over the years and I strongly believe that a man can master his own physical well being if he is fully aware of it. I am a believer in the fact that the mind if trained can heal or at least maintain the well being of he body. Lame as it may sound i strongly believe in the power of auto suggestion that I had learned some forty years ago ever since i read about it in a book called The Master Key. It is based I learned latter on the principles of Raja Yoga, or Yoga of the Mind. That what you instruct the mind it will make it happen in time.
What's the sense of taking on any practice if at any slight aggravation or vexation one resorts to painkillers or worse. it is during these moments when your being is under 'attack' that you place bet on your long time believe and practice. It is now when all chips are down that you hold on to what you have been honing and sharpening as your toll for healing, otherwise you should have been enlisted among the physician's hundreds of files as a potential patient. Am i afraid of the doctor or the hospital? Absolutely not and i do have a very healthy respect for both. If i am asked if I have this or that, i will admit that chances are yes i have. High blood, diabetes, whatever else a sixty year old is expected to have, but i have also learned to understand my own body and its signals, its warnings as to the condition of its status. Like my car , The Kancil, which is now torn inside out for the second time by the same mechanics, I too am going through  a need for some major alignment. Perhaps more than just an oil change, perhaps a change is a gasket or two, some new spark plugs and timing belts replaced.
The mechanics who work on my body are in my head, they are the millions of cells that runs the whole system and controls the functions to the physical self. I talked to them, communicated my instructions, and placed my orders and through my long term observations they have not failed me. I have suffered a number ailments in the past and I have put my faith in this healing process and at 66 I am thankful that i am still kicking. As testified by this long ramblings, I can safely say that i practice what I preach over the years..
The edict that; I am Whole! Perfect, Strong, and Powerful, Loving, Compassionate, Harmonious and Happy and I can Do What I Will to Do...Insha'Allah help me God, still is in my mind like, The Master Key.
I cannot help the wear and tear of my body especially when I am forgetful and become abusive of it, but i can still be mindful and bring my consciousness to bear on what is needed at the present moment to realign what is out of sync, to bring back balance where balancing is needed, to rejuvenate and activate, to discard waste where it needs to be cleansed. I am the custodian of my body, it is mt tool and equipment created for my being in this realm, this dimension and if I fail to understand how it functions I do not deserve to live up to my age with my senses still intact and doing what I enjoy doing. As my cousin Rahim used to remind me, I am living my bonus years as most people today are falling at much earlier age.
It is said that all that happens in one's life happens for a reason, good or otherwise, there is a lesson to be learned and in this circumstances it is best that you be totally present when it happens. Healing happens from breath to breath and from absolute awareness of what is happening. This is the beginning of knowing who you truly are and what you are capable of if you can understand the workings of your mind. You can heal yourself and if you fail you will die, so what else is there to worry about? The very least you can say to yourself, I did gave it a try and I did not flinch.
The doctor can wait for now.

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