Thursday, April 09, 2015

Chef in the Jungle!

Cook your own food or go hungry for the evening. So it is better that you have some basic skills especially in scaling fish and  preparing a curry dish as all your buddies are rice consumers and with rice is expected some form of curry.

So with hug flies busszing all around you threatening to enter your nose and ears you brave yourself gutting the fish and being weary that you do not shop off your ear while trying to swat off the flies.

The gentle rocking of the boat adds to the challenge not to chop off one of your fingers while busy preparing the fishes. This specie is found in the riv and is called Ikan Lampang. It has large scales a pain to remove and lots of  bones and so best fried.

It is great when you have the kitchen  all to yourself! Even if it is because no one else would be caught near it.

AH! Chow time! With some veggies picked right out of the forest!

And you eat alomst the same stuff right through the night.

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