Saturday, April 18, 2015

On Dropping off your Excess Baggage.

After having a glimpse of what is the cause of being subject tot negative thoughts while meditating one goes about how to, back to square one of the subject of meditation. As it is meditating is one of the ways to handle thought formations or the lack of it. How to slow down if not eliminate thoughts from the mind ll together if it is possible at all and this is becoming a subject that is being  tried and tested by a growing number of people all over the world and all walks of life. The significance of meditation can never be overrated as it is something that is inherent in all of us and it is only a matter of if we are aware of doing it or not. It is perhaps only through being able be in a meditative state that one can achieve insight and thus break the bondage of being trapped in darkness or ignorance. Insight can be akin to an awakening experience or as the Japanese Zen tradition would have it attaining to a state called 'Satori'. Blink! A light bulb in your head goes on and you find your answers out of the blue when and where you least expected, so to speak.
To arrive at this state the mind has to stop or pause from any form of thought or thinking. There is a silence in between two thoughts just like when the thermostat kicks is and the burring sound of the refrigerator or air  conditioner goes silent. The atmosphere in the whole room changes, your mental perceptions changes, unless off course you are an overly loud or very deep sleeper where no amount of distractions can affect you. A great many of us today are like this, people who walk around day in day out oblivious to the changes in the environment around them util it is too late and it hits them in a hard often negative ways and they are awaken wondering what hit them or why.

"Is it possible to be a light to oneself, not the light of another? Because our brain have been trained and evolved and accepted authority. Not only the outward authority of the law which is necessary, but the authority , the psychological  authority...the so called spiritual authority. We have become slaves to the authority. So we are controlled, shaped, connived, by those who say " We know, we have attained, we will tell you what to do, follow us', 'We will lead you to heaven, save you from your sins.'...such a mind committed, can never be free. Without freedom you can never find out what truth is."...J.Krishnamurti

Hence it is right back to square one, getting to know your prison, (poison) and being liberated from it before anything else can happen so as you can start functioning from a less darker zone than where you are at, at present. And to go about that you have to find a method, any method that sets you free and meditation is one of them and it comes in all shapes and sizes if you can see it as such whatever it is that you are most comfortable with as your daily activity, or you can simply find the time and place to simply sit ad do nothing; nothing doing accomplishing everything at your mental level.
When you have found your method or your form of meditation, something you do that will hold your mind or attention from going astray like sketching or drawing or simply cycling or walking, you start to work on your key weaknesses such as fear, sorrow, pain and misfortune, anything and everything that keeps you awake at night and haunt you throughout your life and you start to recognize them and eliminate them one by one as a part of who you are that you can do without, like dropping off your excess baggage. You are on you route toward being enlightened, unburdened by ideas and concepts, authority and conditioning, being free from who you think you are and becoming whatever that you truly aught to be, an enlightened being, a being of light with the Lightness of Being.

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