Saturday, March 28, 2015

What is the knowledge of - Jivan Mukhti ?

What is Liberation within life? How do you experience this.

While being in this world, be above the worldly pleasures, the vices, the cravings and negative impulses; be detached from the worldly  vices you will experience real freedom. You will experience the liberation within life, Jivan Mukhti.

Do not think about the external scenes and subjects and stabilise your inner eye in the middle of your forehead. Silent your mind and concentrate your mind towards The  Limitless Consciousness ( God), and let your benevolent wishes flow towards all  living beings to liberate them from all their worldly sorrows and attain to highest peace.

While living in this material world let your mind be concentrated on your Soul  and this is how you can live among all that is around you and still remain aloof from it; this is the Art of living. When we have learned to live such a detached life we can learn to master over the senses and control the mind and allow it to concentrate on the Supreme Being. Although we live in this materialistic comfort, our attention is to purify the Soul. When we are focused on the Soul the external world has no hold on our mind... we only need to Practice. 

Without being able to concentrate on your Soul awareness, you will never be able to liberate your mind from being distracted and you will never be able to be free from the bondage of being trapped in this life. You will suffer in ignorance of  what this life is just like the rest of humanity. You will never be free from Greed hate and  Delusion.

Jivanmukta (derived from the word, Jivanmukti, a combination of Sanskrit words jiva and mukti) is someone who, in the Advaita philosophy of Hinduism, has gaineddradh nishthaa, firmly assimilated knowledge of the Self- and is liberated while living in a human body, free from rebirth.

And the Buddha is said to have said, "May we exist with the purity of a Lotus in muddy waters."

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