Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Kancil is not well...again.

My trusty ride of 12 years., The Kancil (Mousedeer)

Yes Sir, I am back in the City with my car towed to the garage maybe fule pump problem and most probably will be suckered for another expensive bill. What else is new? You cannot live in the jungle and expect no mosquitoes nor can you live in the City and expect no car problems. The day before i was standing by my car while waiting for my son at the post office and along came a couple who parked like me illegally like they owned the road and i watched later their car being wheel locked by the MPPP or the City Council traffic department and mine would have been to had i left. Yes welcome back to the City where driving is as much a pain as my son Karim keeps yapping about in the Face Book. Take the buses or use the cycle but watch out for the motorcycles! They are killers if they do not kill themselves they sure as hell try to kill you in the process.
She has made it eight times from Georgetown to Kuala Trengganu on the East Coast with never a problem. One of the few precious things I own in my life. The Kancil being looked into by an Indian family workshop in Sitiawan, Perak.
What is the rush? Yes you keep asking the same question just about everything going on around the City and you get the same answer nothing really that cannot wait or accomplished all in good time but it is human nature somehow that we have to be the first if not the earliest, ahead of others, we cannot spend time being patient, patience is for the birds and birds should live in the forest. Yes I will end up living in the forest one day and perhaps find my death there too in one form or another and I say this with full conviction in my heart knowing that the only thing I will miss are my two children here. For this to happen I have been setting my course of finding and moving into my eventual location and thus my wayward trips to the Belantik, Sik area in Kedah where i have found the community that has accepted my being there and wonders when I would return to them.
I read in Face Book that the scientists there in the Swiss Alps are trying to create the connection or a portal like in the Star gate movie, for inter dimensional travels through space or something like that, I hope they find it as I am sure by the looks of it they must be spending a fortune getting this contraption up and if it works it will keep humanity busy with something new rather than being sucked into the same old rut of Israeli conflict and IS, the horrors in Africa and the political circus in Malaysia with the Hudud scenario being played for the present episode. However if you truly ask me what i think, I think it is all a bloody waste of time and money, like the lady commented, it is the Big boys Toys this whole set up; yes I will sit and meditate in the forest til i merge into the next dimension and if i survive I might be able to come back with a video or picture or two to prove that I was there, if not I will be dead anyway.Taking that one step beyond into the twilight zone, every crazy man's dream especially this day and age where the dimension that we are in has become infested with S holes bound and determined to create black holes to enter.
The Kanchil alongside my twin brother's Mercedes in Marang, Terengganu.

Perhaps it may happen perhaps it may not but if and when man discovers the way to pop in and out of dimensions other than the one we are in I hope I will long be gone. I hate to imagine what kind of mess humanity would wield upon discovering a new dimension to deal with when we cannot even deal with the one we are already screwing up. If anything humanity needs at this moment is a shift in mindset like war and waste is out of the equation if there were to be a Utopia on this Planet; Man needs a new paradigm  to live by, one that does not include Greed Hate and Delusion.

At the SRI LOVELY Organic Farm.

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