Sunday, March 22, 2015

In the goes on.

Back in the City and the traffic is relentless outside my window and the catering business downstairs is in full swing with all the fanfare of an open kitchen. I wish I was till out there in the boonies but i have to be with my children and look into their affairs too even if they are now adults. The washing machine broke down when I was away and so my son's room looks and smelled like it is being used as a washroom with outstanding laundry floating all over. He still leaves dirty plates and dishes from his meals till they hardened with cakes sticking to the plates and if allowed to, would probably grow some mushrooms from. I must admit that it is good to be home despite all the heavy external pressures such as extreme noises and the heat, it is good to see faces, some you can do with and some you can do without. As it is told in the 'Practice' one cannot discriminate between the good and the not so good, the here and the being there, all is a part of the same coin only different sides; the desired is also part of the undesirable.
So i am back to try and continue to put pieces together as the pressure to pay my debts and so forth mounts up with threats and impending doom and gloom. I am back to keep on trying to keep the balance between what is reality and what is Maya or illusions in my life. I am still on track with my meditation practice that helps to bring things into focus and right perspective making sure that I am not sucked into doing or being what i am not suppose to or detrimental to my own well being. I am back to catch up on my laundry and my son's and catch up on doing more artworks so i can generate some income for my immediate needs. Nothing ever changes or so it seems when it comes to the day to day living and there is still the needs that even as one is informed that one should have no 'needs' in this life; far easier to understand than to put to practice.
I am feeling healthy and that I am very much thankful for. All those hard work of cutting the grass and raking the leaves and all the walking and climbing up and on the steps and the swimming at the Muda dam has kept my body in good form even if it seems a little warm at night to the point that i sweat in my sleep. One of the best thing i found while staying at the organic farm is the fresh water that comes right out of the ground and from which I drank without boiling. It was like drinking the real natural mineral water if there is ever one and not to mention the fresh and clean air that one rises to every morning with so much oxygen given out from the trees and vegetation all around the area. And so back here in the City I am back to sniffing exhaust fumes all day long and listening to the obnoxious roar of the motorcycles and other vehicles; this is called balance, one cannot have one without the other.
There will always be times when one just needs to do nothing when nothing needs to be done. It is called relaxing for lack of better words. In the Zen tradition doing nothing one accomplishes everything, go figure that one out. It is said that one should eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy and sit and watch the grass grow, what does this mean? In Zen anecdotes  or Koans one is told of short stories that were meant to help one find the simple truth about one's day to day encounters with life and when in doubt one can always reach for these simple short stories or parables to shed some light into what is being encountered. Hence herein lies the key to self discovery, finding the means to unlock the mental processes that we have been taking for granted and revealing what is not true about our preconceived ideas about who we are. The great Masters of most religions and philosophy if not the sciences, have been trying to make us realize that who we think we are is not who we truly are and who we truly are has greater significance upon how we view our selves and our environment; in Isla we are Khalifa or Rulers not servants.
Why do we not act as Masters instead of empowering others to become our masters in our daily lives? Why do we not see that within us lies the greatest, most magnificent universe if we only know how to reach in and touch it. No we are instead too busy being sucked out into the external world where nothing we see hear or touch is in effect real as all that is external is the creation of our mind itself . Nothing is permanent all is illusion and yet we worship the idols that our minds has helped to create over time collectively and we gave it names such as religions, dogmas and systems and we are bound by these throughout our lives not able to liberate ourselves from this binding. Ignorance is one of the three ailments that humanity is plagued with and despite all there is that is at our disposal to learn and to better understand ourselves we still are groping in the dark or being led by our noses to our final resting ground by those who has a little more knowledge than us or are in the position of power to exploit our every weaknesses.
It is way past the time for humanity to awaken from this slumber that most of us are in and strike out at being who we truly are and stand up for whatever rights we deserve as humans instead of being led blindly as cattle to the slaughter house and what is worse is allowing the future of our lives and this beautiful planet we call home to be destroyed slowly but surely. We have to awaken others from their sleep so as to stop them from living in this dream state which will turn into a nightmare in time. I will not tire myself from writing my thoughts as they arise with regard to this matter of our human dilemma. If one or two persons reading this writing decides to act upon it I have done my share.
Insha'Allah. So think locally and act globally as the saying goes and make sure it is all organic!

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