Thursday, February 05, 2015


There is more colors but most of there seem to be lacking in essence, not much spiritual vibes as it used to be, this years Thaipusam Celeberation.  But still there was colors and  it is good to be ina place where there is sound pure and raw being hammered away by a group of overly spirited youths. 

The mind needs a good strong stimulant every now and then just to shake and bake the brains into wakefulness and a change in the rhythm of life , the feeling of  being at one with humanity, through sound, sight and smell! Too bad most people would rather sit in the comfort of their homes and stare at their I-pads and Hand Phones whatever else is the latest that keeps people hooked on to an artificial existence.

The items being used today has also been upgraded to include the latest product in the market. It was a porch Thaipusam where comfort and style was more in vogue than the Spirituality. More garbage were generated than ever before form the myriads of packaging. 

Today it was more for the show as more and more opted for the lighter loads and less poking and skewering. No more gory metal skewers piercing the backs but just hooks attached to strings; its smart way of doing things.

Still, there occasional die-hard who would do anything once just to proof a point.

 There is also the tendency to over do it too but all in good taste.

Each and every vessel contains milk, suppose to...but who knows these days what with food prices on the rise and cows are becoming a member of the endangered specie on the island. Perhaps it is wise to cut down sot and less messt at the end of the day.

 That's right! In today's youth culture around the world getting pierced is a fad!

Yes there is the oddball h
Chinee boy who made a wish and it came true, granted and  so it is payback time to the Deity, Lord Murugan.

What is Tahipusam without the Noise?

Yes Sir, I am all dressed up and ready to go!
Vale! Vale!

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