Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Long and Winding Road.

The sound of flowing water, the hum of the 'Boncho Bell and the bowls resonates my mind sending soothing shock waves into my brain cells.I am in the Zendo and thw sirring is about to cmmence; Zazen! I had abandoned all my stuff at the entrance and now I am . Who I am, facing a black white wall and bothe my left and right me fellow Dharma Brothers and Sisters.Only I am sitting in my son's small room and facing the screen with my fingers telling their stories snd outside life has begun with the restaurant coming to life and the traffic picking up its flow of noise and confusions.I am sitting on the junction of one of the most congested traffic on the Island! I AM SITTING?
I am hooked on  You Tube and the Intenent usage, getting my mind down for posterity and it is seven in the morning the light is beginning to lift out the morning darkness like a curtain revealing the essence of what is living.
Published on 21 Aug 2013
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Nature Sounds for Chakra Balancing and find Self Acceptance again, Zen New Age Music to fight Axieties and Depression thanks to this Youtube Music Video, ideal Mindfulness Meditation Music with Sounds of Nature as Water Sounds and Bird Songs.

Yes I hook my mind onto the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls I am that...I AM!

 The First Illusion ;-Need does not exist. In reality you need nothing to be Happy, happiness is a state of Mind...the idea of a 'need' is false as God has no need of anything; an idea of a 'need' is an illusion.... Nothing makes the Masters unhappy! ...pain does not have to produce unhappiness, pain and pleasure are one and the same neither to be avoided nor sought after.
The Second Illusion :- Failure exist....From,
 A Coverstaion With God by Neale Walsh on You Tube.

I performed my Subuh or fajr, Solat and took  a short walk to the end of my block where the coffeeshop is and had my Nasi with curry ikan and a cup of NESCAFE and Now i am back making every moment count towards truly understanding the True Nature of Being' That Original Buddha Mind, that which Universe itself fall in homage and awe; the Lord of Creation, Lord of the Beginningless, The Lord of Creation; ALLAH u AKHBAR! and The Lord Is Great!
So I know who I am? I am the sitter, I am the writer, I am the worshiper and I am the man in whose head bells and horns are playing to the accompany meny of the sound of flowing water! I am Home.I am sitting Zazen!
The Road is Long....with many a winding turn...That leads us to Nowhere...who knows where...

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