Monday, February 23, 2015

Such Is!

Marissa Is on her way for an interview with Emirates Air somewhere in Ipoh, Perak and i have been praying and rooting for her success. As a a father I might be bias for my daughter that she'd be perfect for the job of an airline stewardess especially for Emirates as her brother is also a Captain for the airline and so in his father in law, not that it would make much difference other than an incentive to be a a part of the  family tradition and make history. But sad to say sometimes plan all you want dream all you can dream and envision all that is possible in this realm of probabilities,at the end of the day God has His own agenda already written in the Book of Mahfuz; man plans God directs. So it is written, so mode it be that every soul has its life history written out from cradle to grave - DNA?
There will always be defeats and downfalls in our lives, no doubt about it and most of the time it is not through your own misgivings but through newly added dimensions to the equation that throws the blueprint out of whack. Something that you least expect and or took for granted, something that has its own stronger agenda to fulfill and you happen to be in the way swept aside to make way for these unforeseen circumstances. Acceptance is one of the best ways in dealing with this kind of situation, it is less confrontational and would yield better impact in the long run. Acceptance is not giving up or admitting defeat, it is merely a retreat from having to make any move that is ill advised or detrimental to what you intend to achieve. Once you have accepted an inconvenience or vexation with full consciousness and understanding, you simply shelve the whole issue into your filing cabinet and let it  gather dust till comes a time when it reveals itself again demanding attention usually demanding to be rectified. This is how i have been dealing with my daily mental states involving past present and future events within and out of my control, I file them and let them ferment and cooked by themselves till it is time that they need to be served.
Today meditation has become a household word although it is still a household chore that most still take it as such, a chore. I find it after years of forcing myself to sit and face the wall, I say force only because I tend to be lazy at doing anything that demands my sitting and doing nothing, that meditation has been a great healer for me especially in dealing with my anger and lack of patience. The practice has allowed me to better stay in focus rather than rush into getting all riled up over situations that otherwise would not have mattered more than just calmly walking away and making a wise and rational decision when the time is ripe which usually happens of it own accord when least expected. I am far from being wise old fart who has found truth and longevity or awakened to the divine light, no sir, I am still bothered by the most banal of distractions and worried by the least of concerns, but I do this at a different level now and I can only say I feel it so.
Approaching 66 I take my morning walks of 4 to 5 kilometers every morning after my morning prayer. I do my stretching in between and sit and watch the sun rising out of the horizon placing the red disc right between my eyebrows awakening my pineal gland imagining that the rays penetrates my entire brain showering it with strong energy. I have no idea if it does work as i see it but i have the feeling that something is happening every time i do this but my gut feeling something does and it is not bad. So i go on seeking for ways to awaken my physical body and mind to be present in the moment through all these exercises which by the way includes a continuing Zikhr for every step i take, like the word Allah, Allah, Alllah, God, God God! What could go wrong? I find peace though not a permanent state of Peacefulness like the Yogis in the Himalayas but I find peace long enough to remind myself how fortunate I am that i am healthy when I come upon a sick man or how rich I am when I stumble upon a beggar or how fortunate I am when someone tells me that I have made their day.

At 66 what else could a guy ask for except that his kids are doing fine.

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