Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Star is Born

I had a a good chat with this young man at the Malay Art gallery on Chulia Street and gave him a bit of my spill on what it would take and how he can make as an artist and today he is up and flying.. For his sake i broke my taboo about getting involve in any art gathering of any kind in the Georgetown, Penang Area.

 It was elating to see him getting all the attention and not to mention raking in the money for his first cartoon book on the City Life of Georgetown.

Off course he is still relatively unknown to draw much Chinese support o his opening which to me is one of the best achievement for a young Malay artist in the Northern Area of the Peninsular. Hence you only see the regular faces of the starving Malay Artists who turned out to give my friend the moral support. 

Despite the presence of the Internationally known Cartoonist from Malaysia, Dato' Lat (middle) made famous by his 'Kampong Boy' Series that has been translated and published all around the world.
he Kampung Boy, also known as Lat, the Kampung Boy or simply Kampung Boy, is a graphic novel by Lat about a young boy's experience growing up in ruralPerak in the 1950s. The book is an autobiographical account of the artist's life, telling of his adventures in the jungles and tin mines, his circumcision, family, and school life. It is also the basis for the eponymous animated series broadcast in 1999. First published in 1979 by Berita Publishing, The Kampung Boy was a commercial and critical success; its first printing (of at least 60,000 copies) was sold out within four months of its release. Narrated in English with a smattering of Malay, the work has been translated into other languages, such as Japanese and French, and sold abroad.

Met a beautiful young lady who happens to be my daughter's classmate at the Convent Green lane Secondary School.

Azmi's talent is in being able to capture the rhythm of life as experienced by the locals just as Lat does with his works. As a matter of fact their works are almost identical at a glance. They both rendered life with a great sense of humor and are masters at thwat they do.

The clock tower is one of the most well known landmark for the City if not the State itself and is located not too far from where the show was being hel and from where i am sitting in the picture which was a a food court called Padang Kota or the Esplanade Area.


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