Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ask me If I Care!

Ask me if I care! Definitely yes I do. Three of my children were born in the US and I married two American women in my life giving me three children all legitimate American citizens if they choose to be so. Not because of these but I simply love the country and the people at least those that i have ate sleep and shit with for 21 years of my life living in the US. 8 years in Wisconsin, namely in Green Bay, Milwaukee and West Allies . 2 years in the Aleutian Ilse off the Alaskan coast in the Pacific North West. In a little fishing town called Sand Point, Alaska and a year more or less in Washington State and 10 years in the San Francisco bay Area. I met and had relationships with some of the most beautiful people on earth and i had lived the life that was practically free as a lark. I did what my heart dictates and followed my instinct from one episode of my life to the next with no regrets or remorse most of the time. This sense of freedom i will never ever dream of again, not in this life.

America was my dream came true, it was also my nightmares overcame through trials and errors, but it was the best of times and the worse in my life. I was blessed to be able to have been allowed to live a life that not too many can boast of, not even the Americans themselves as my close friends used to point out to me. America is a beautiful country with a great many beautiful people, warm hearted and open minded, generous and mostly just down to earth once you get to know them and they you. The country is an amazingly beautiful almost everywhere you go, whether the Corn belt of the Mid West or the Prairies landscape of the South West, The cold winter snow of the North or the rugged lands of Utah and Wyoming, I have traveled the length and breath of the United States in my 21 years of living there. I have flown from one end to the other, took the grey hound from East to West, Drove a delivery van pulling a trailer hitch all over the country and i have hitch hiked from Green Bay all the way to LA. Yes i have driven my trusty old Chevy Impala all the way from green Bay through to new Mexico and Arizona and later Colorado for three months doing my College work. I fell with the sights and scenes and the people even when times were not so good for me.

Do I care what happens to the United State of America? You're damn right I do! I pray to the Lord that what i read and watch on You Tube and the rest of the Internet of Conspiracy Theories and the rise of the Police state and so forth is not real. I hope against all hope that all these will blow over once the Americans get their act together like they always do if and when they decide to wake up and cry foul! No where on earth are there more enlightened people that i have met than in the US and nowhere have i met more drunks and potheads than in the US and i am still convinced that when shit hits the fence most Americans young and old will rise to the occasion and act accordingly.
I would have written the same of Russia had i lived in the country instead of the US, but i highly doubt it. I cannot even come near to writing with an equal affection for my own country of Malaysia for that matter after all that has been going on ever since I returned in 1998 to settle down here. This was the year Anwar ibrahim first got thrown into the mess that he is in till this day. As a point of note, I am not for or against the ruling government in this country but i am very sad and disturbed by what has been transpiring all the corruptions and blatant lack of compassion and tolerance towards those who are not able to defense themselves. Religious sanctimonious and racial bigotry, the disrespect for the old and the disregard for the needs of the young. Drugs and sex related ailments. Malaysia has not arrived at par as a developed nation as to the US, but this country suffers from the same decadence as the Super Power if not more so.

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