Thursday, January 15, 2015

Updating my Ramblings

How is you mindfulness practice coming along? Are you still practicing bare attention and the art detachment from all external influences or are you still stuck in a rut not able to skip the groove and move on to new and more exciting elements that life has to offer? Are all these stuff going on in and around the world still causing you nightmares when you sleep or do you now sleep better, like a baby? How is you job? Satisfying  or mind boggling, is it still a challenge and making good money? How many cars and where is the next vacation going to be. Paris? Rome? How about Hong Kong? or perhaps go to Dubai and hang out what your son like you used to. It is said that you are becoming more pious these days, praying five times a day and even waking up in the wee hours of the morning like three a.m. and doing your Tahajud and zikhrs! What gives? Trying hard to make up for lost time with the Lord? Any sign of redemption? Feeling better about yourself but not having any money sucks dosn't it? Oh well Such Is! So, desu Neh!
Gambate kudasai!! keep on trucking what is there to loose after is said and done you have said and done more than most so keep it as it is and perhaps when changes happens for better of for worse you at least have had a good R&R. The Buddha emphasized the Middle Way, not too far to the Right or to the left but stay much or less in the middle, neither becoming and extremist nor a fundamentalist just Being who you choose to be and being comfortable with who you are. Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy and Sit, watch the grass grow. These were great mind tips that the Buddha gave in the golden days of the distant past when I-pad and lap tops were non existent, when the only sound you hear other than human is the sound of the birds and the water falls and when you did not have to worry about eating fast food or getting obese from drinking too much Coke and eating at KFC. Those were the days when the Name Benjamin Netanyahu was never heard of and those who claim themselves to be the Children of Israel were still running around in the Sinai mountains looking for God while creating Gods. The Buddha set out to discover the truth about life and He never gave up until it was revealed unto Him after sitting for 40 Days without food or water; it was a suicide attempt. He was awakened by the sound of music or so they say that came to Him a song that reminded him being not too tight nor too slacked, where every action is taken with moderation and detached involvement.
His realization was that life and everything with it is impermanent as nothing remains forever and to cling to life as thought it will be everlasting is the cause of all suffering, Thus in this life accumulating wealth and clinging on to ideas and philosophies, is as futile as trying to expect to find ice tea in hell. Man is inflicted from the beginning with Greed hate and Ignorance and these three illnesses have been plaguing him with untold miseries in the form of wars and famine. Man will never have enough and nor will he ever be satisfied with having just enough, Man will never be happy until he is fully in control and he would go to any length or distance to gain control over others or circumstances; man is obsessed with being Number One. Today we worship the profane and discard the sacred and our hearts are enveloped within layers of wrong doings that we cannot tell the difference anymore between right and wrong allowing our ego to take reign over every action we perform like there is no repercussions. Do as thou wish the Devil says and we do. There is big money in cartooning these days, why not get in on it? Find a target and just hammer it in as the pen is indeed mightier than the Kalashnikov; is it?
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