Wednesday, January 28, 2015

He gives and He takes!

We were riding around on his motorcycle with his youngest child standing in the basket in front and we stopped here and there for me to take a shot or two. He had just returned from his twelve hour shift perhaps ready to hit the sack anytime. This was two weeks before he passed away.
When I first laid my eyes on this picture on the Internet I felt strange, it was like he was intensely staring at me like he has never done before and so was the son. I thought nothing of it till the final days of his life began to unfold.
In the prime of life a young family all set to embark upon the future with a relatively new home and, a new car what could go wrong? 
My late brother's wife, the iron lady who was merciless in picking on her son in law for being the imbecile and  a village bumpkin, but underneath it all she loved him and i could tell how much she is going to miss her son in law.

They say that time will heal as far as the children goes, I hope so too and I will do my best to be available to their needs and help to heal their loss and keep them focus into the future.

With the arrival of the youngest being a boy he was full of  joy and expectations, I could tell from the way he spent time with the child. 

What would become of the children? Who knows but they will be well cared for no doubt as they have many relatives and friends who will keep an eye on them and their well being including myself.  They have a future ahead of them and their mother is a very strong character even if she does not look it.

She was the only child of my late brother Gina who passed away from Kidney failure in the Hospital in Kuala Terengganu and  I had taken care of him while he was in his last two weeks.  She was his pride and joy and perhaps the only thing that kept him from taking his own life.

I have three children to look after before I exit this life myself and i intend to make it my life's contribution Insha'Allah; God Willing.

What else is there to do but to be present in the moments of  being with them.

My late brother never got to meet his grand children before he passed on, so I am his proxy. I hope my being the surrogate grandpa will help them ease their pain of loosing their father as such an early age.

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