Monday, January 05, 2015

First Morning of 2015 has broken.

To catch the first sunrise of the year was my intention, I had just took a long walk to where i took this pictures and it was about a mile away from where i live.. The first morning of the year 2015 was not a disappointing sunrise as far as being colorful and not to mention majestic; and yes there is a Creator!

One may not want to admit it but 'He or She is there and call It by what name you may, the Divine is ever present closer to you than you might think. It is by His grace that i gat to witness yet another sunrise and experience another Ne Year in the making. Funny it seems as one get older these things maters or so it seems.

I am looking across the Bay at what used to be called Province Wellesly  or Butterworth and  where i stood was  what used to be the sea and  has been  reclaimed making the bay look much narrower than it used to be. Only a Divine Creator can master up colors that paints the skies at this time of the morning. 

What was 2014 like for  me? As an artist i did not do much creating but i did maintain some form of  work like sketching and water colors and i did most simply because i did not wish to loose my touch and i did them for no apparent reason especially i had no mind of having a show or even sell any of them, I simply did to satisfy my own desire to draw. 

How many mor such sunrises will i see and still feel enchanted by the vibrant colors in the skies and the water and how many more steps will i have to walk to enjoy such beauty before my legs give way and my body refuses to  move.? Till then I will keep on trudging to be at places like these and behold the works of art the the Divine has in store for me.

I wish that there were someone i could have shared his with but then it would not have been the same most probably. Too much oohs and ahhs  and possibly too much conversation in trying to describe what is indescribable.

This long stretch of pipe rack was once used to be a sewage pipeline that dumps sewage right into the sea. It is no more in use. his morning it makes for a good foreground for a glorious sunrise.

"Morning has broken, like the First Morning ...Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird..." Cat Stevens.

"Praise with elation, praise every morning, God's re creation of a New Day."...Cat Stevens.

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