Sunday, January 18, 2015

Enough! Enough Is Enough!

If there be any blame to be made with regard to the Muslims and their world it is with their so called Leaders, Kings, Presidents, Emirs and Ayatollahs, Sultans and what have you. These are the individuals along with those who provide them with words of advice in how to run their business or their respective countries. Someone once asked , "What would the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) do or say if He were here today and taking stock of the religion He had propagated and I say yhe would hold the Leaders of these Muslim countries accountable for how sad a state the Muslim 'Ummah' has become. he would most probably invite them all to Mecca for a good seven days of round table conference whereby he would demand each and everyone of them to justify their position as Leaders of the Muslim world and what they have done to deserve being so. Explain what have become of His religion that once was the Glory that was Islam. No News media, no body guards, no secretaries , no deputies, just them in the Prophet's mosque where only truth is uttered within this holy of holy sanctuary.
The Muslim world today is a disunited mess because of the lack of leadership that is strong enough to unite the entire Muslim world under one banner of Islam. The OIC ;The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC; Arabic: منظمة التعاون الإسلامي‎; French: Organisation de la coopération islamique, OCI)[a 1] is an international organisation founded in 1969 consisting of 57 member states. The organisation states that it is "the collective voice of the Muslim world" and works to "safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony".[1]
The OIC has permanent delegations to the United Nations and the European Union. The official languages of the OIC are Arabic, English and French.
What has this organization accomplished that has benefited the Muslim world thus far? What has it done to alleviate the sufferings of the war torn Muslim Nations that is presently on going for the past decade? How often has it convened to deliberate the causes and effects of these wars and atrocities that is being committed against the Muslims especially by the Israelis Zionist regime and now Is? Nothing! Not a single thing worthy of mention sad if not disgusting to say. Why? Money? Lack of military might? Lack of the desire to find a solution most probably until too late and it is getting too late as events are spinning out of control as it is and what does the OIC do? Perhaps I think the OIC members are waiting for the Imam Mahdi to appear and take control as only He can as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Or is it Fear? Fear of making any form of declaration or making any kind of commitment towards declaring one form of stance or another towards drawing the line in the sand like Bush did. Fear to declare "Enough!". Fear to declare the Ultimate "JIhad" if it is time to and unite as a whole in its declaration against whoever and whatever that is at present considered an enemy of Islam. Declare in the name of Allah and the Prophet and let the dogs of war show themselves against the might of the Muslim world if they so choose to still stand their ground dehumanizing  the Religion.
The OIC members owe it to the billions of Muslims around the world to take it upon themselves to bring together the Muslim countries with its Billions of Muslims ready to stand up and defend their faith, and we have the means to do it even if it is not as large in number and scales we have the means. If Israel hs its Nuclear arsenal so does Pakistan and perhaps even Iran and all is needed is a few dropped at the appropriate places to spark off another World War and why not? Are so attached to this material life that we are afraid to give it up and would rather live under the tyranny of others threatening us and exploiting our disunity like Muslims are a third class citizens of this planet! The west especially has mocked Islam, humiliated the Muslims ran circles around us like wolves ready for the kill and we cower before them letting our women and children become victims right before our eyes and what does the OIC do? Nothing!
Perhaps we as Muslims are true to our teachings like being patient in the face of suffering, like it is the 'Test' we are to face as set by Allah, perhaps it is. But as a Muslim I hate to think I would have to answer to my Lord for what I did not do when my fellow brothers and sisters were being hunted and murdered, exploited and turned into pimps and prostitutes all over the world. What did I do about it? Am I crying out loud enough for those who are in the seats of power and authority in the Muslim to wake up to the reality the billions of Muslim are facing and will continue on to face?  Where are the Ayatollahs and their fiery speeches, what happened to the flame that was lit by the Revolution? What happened to the Indonesians who are always up in arms screaming in the streets whenever Islam came under attack? Today they are more like dogs barking at the mountain in the own country. The Muslim Chinese in China who have taken so much crap from their own people, why are they quiet when they fellow brothers and sisters are suffering at the hands of the non believers?! The Pakistanis who are so fanatical when it comes to Islamic issues why are they sitting with their hands under their behind what are they afraid of? They have the nuclear means for destruction if it comes to that so why are they not making any protest at the injustices being carried out systematically by the West over Muslim countries especially those in the Middle East. and Africa.
One by one they brought down the Middle eastern Nations and called it the Arab Spring and we Muslims around the world sit on our hands and nod our heads, yes, good for them to have a spring cleaning, about time. Today they are still cleaning and they are doing it in many guises and pretext. The Western armies are within range of walking into the two Holy Cities of the Muslim where no infidels were allowed to set their feet on, what is to stop them today? Who will stop them? The Saudi Government? Not in our wildest dreams will the so called Keepers of the Holy Cities stand in the ways of the Americans and Israeli backed military might do it simply because they are not capable. They may have the money but they do not have the power. The Arab Monarchs are today the Pimps that have sold Islam to the West along with the oil and if they do it the sand of the desert itself. The Holy Cities of Mecca and Madinah are thus far safe only because the West has yet to declare a Third World War upon the Planet as this is what would happen when they do.make their moves upon the Holy Cities. Then the rest of the Muslim World would be rudely awaken from their materialistic slumber and decide that ti is time for the true "Jihad", with or without the Mahdi. But then as is always the case, it will be too little too late. The damage has more than being done and the OIC will still be sitting in their conference room making up their cotton picking minds as to who or what to blame.
I have let this out of my system without much thought as it came out spontaneously from my heart and an angry heart of a born again Muslim. What I have expressed is what i fear will happen in the End of Days when all the cards are being laid down on the table. I have not in the least the desire for any o these to happen especially not the killings of the innocent as thought they were animals and humanity has stooped down so low that to I hate myself for what I am witnessing. May Allah forgive me for how I feel and may He find it in His Grace to intervene and save mankind from his own self destruction. Ma He open the eyes of all those who find Peace still having the Chance to prevail to step forward and declare their intentions collectively whether from East or the West, the North or the South, Let the clarion call be "Enough! Enough Is Enough!".

" Hatred does not necessarily leads to violence. It is unacknowledged hatred that leads to violence."
Alan Watts.  

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