Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Talk with God.. by

And the whining begins... how so often you fill tired all of sudden and feeling like giving up it all ans say Asta La Manyana Compa! Asta Luego! Maestro! Via con Dios Muchacho! As ta la Vista Ese! Such Is! The weight gets to you after all i said and done and only these days it is felt les than before , like a weight lifted off my shoulder momentarily... is this all there is to it? Is this the tip of the mystique mountain? Is this the end of the journey like a buffalo turd slowly dripping to the grass, how mush more worse can it get...or much better? Yes I have been carefully listening to The talk With God' series on You Tube and it is indeed mind boggling least to admit, it challenges all my belief systems, shaken my faith and puts my spirit in check is more than one way. So I turn to my Lord, Allah (SWT) for His Infinite mercy that I do not follow the false God...even if it is indeed He that speaks to the Author.
I try to pray and Zikr as much as i possibly could acknowledging His Blessing, All tha he has Accorded this His humble servant, the learner the seeeekr the student of Life thropguh His Grace and that of the His Messenger, His Prophet Muhammad, The Love of Allah. I will have to listen to my heart more so than to all and any of the possiblilites that is floating all around me inlcuding that of Quantum Physica and the the Evoluition Theory... I am tired  of the cgarade of Truth making belief that It is nt eh truth and the only Truth there is... Allah is Infinite and Everywhere in everything he Is That He is... and all He needs to say is Be and It Is. This is the Lord I nkow that I am in Love with, this is my Ultimate Truth and I take Complete refuge in this till my last mode it be.
Otherwise the videos entitled WARNING Its Hazardous to your Faith or something like that... and it does, at least to me and i am still listening to these set of three tapes, did not have the chance to read the books, will someday when...I get he chance to, it would be a challenge read for I too have many unanswered to my God. I know he has all the answers no doubt, but it would still be wanting to hear His say it in His own words, all the faults of my life from the day I was conceived to this present moment. Like how much must i suffer , grief and pain inside me if not of my own that of other that are closest to me? You give and You take and sometimes it does seem unfair but it is now apparent more so today that yes Only You know the answers to this mystery my Lord; this that You Call Life. I accept it as such and as such I will perform this dance for You and only You, In- sha'Allah!
So dance on O', NataraJa, O'Narayana! Dance till the End of Times this Cosmic Dance, I am dancing with You. O Yes ot is one of the oldest most ancient of God's blessing to Mankind was the Lord Shiva Nataraja, how else would he appear among the Hindus without loosing His credibility, His Image, His Essence; that of Infinite Power to Destroy and Procreate. They would have thrown Him into the funeral pyre along with the widows of the dead; Lord Shiva to the Hindus is the personification of Divine Energy, and who was Lord Shiva? Read! or Google You Tube it. This is if you thirst to learn and understand another person's Faith and Belief. By the time you have learned all there is know of Lord Shiva you would have understood what is this realm we exist in that we call The Brahma Loka. The NirmanaKaya, the realm of the Human existence as Humans. The realm of the faculty of the Mind, this the Realm of the Humind Matrix.or as the Malays calls it 'Alam Nyata', the present Moment in time and space that you and i are in at this Blessed moment sharing our thoughts .

Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch. It was written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and God answers.[1] The first book of the Conversations with God series, Conversations with God, Book 1: An Uncommon Dialogue, appeared on bookshelves in 1995, and quickly became a publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times Best-Sellers List for 137 weeks. The succeeding volumes in the nine book series also appeared prominently on the List.- A Good read! - Wikipedia.

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