Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Final Visit to Cyberjaya.

A brief trip to Cyberjaya Multi Media University via Shah Alam was the break  my daughter and i needed from Georgetown and its humdrum. We took the express bus sometime in the afternoon and arrived at Shah Alam in the evening where my nephew Jamal picked us up  and took us to his home where we spent the night. 

Early dinner at 'Mama Kandar' restaurant and Nasi Lemak ( coconut rice) was on the menu. By the look of my tummy I should have just had a good bowl of salad with Italian dressings. But this is Malaysia and no meal is complete without rice and chilly paste of one kind or another.

My daughter appears too young to ba an aunt to these two grand nieces of mine, but they looked quite contented, so who is complaining.!

We had an hour or two to chill at the University the next day and so we hung out at a coffee shop. Although the trip barely lasted two full days, it was well worht it for both of us as it took off a little of the pressure of work for my daughter and dealing with life and death for me in the last few days. 

Later we were joined by two of my daughter's schoolmates and it was a very pleasant get together for all of us. I have known Apek and Muna ever since they were my daughter's friends in college.   

It was refreshing to be in the company of the younger generation of future hopes for the country. Kids with brains and the go get her attitude. 

My daughter making her final presentation of her internship program of which she did her work at Gala Restaurant in Georgetown, Penang.

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