Friday, December 26, 2014

It's Raining , It's Pouring...Old man is snoring...

So, Mother Nature is taking her toll with rain and floods and landslides and all that comes with it just about all over the country and it is just the beginning as i see it. Just when you thought that the Cameron High;lands landscape fiasco was taken care of, with the coming of the Monsoon season, more and more parts of the country is facing natural disaster like never seen before.
The water level in Sungai Tembeling hit 76.56m, surpassing its danger level of 68m. – The Malaysian Insider pic, December 24, 2014. - See more at:
In Kelantan, 20,709 victims from 6,795 families in eight districts were evacuated compared to 20,468 people Tuesday morning, while the number of flood relief centres increased to 84 from 70. - Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wants Putrajaya to approve disaster‎ relief funds to Kelantan and Terengganu, in the wake of the floods that have devastated the two states. - "There is no doubt that global climate change, as well as the rainy season are among the factors that have caused these extraordinary floods," added Anwar.‎ - See more at:
Meteorological Department National Weather Centre senior meteorological officer Mohd Hisham Mohd Anip said the flood situations worsened with the presence of northeast monsoon winds blowing consistently across the South China Sea to Malaysia starting November until March.
“Although rainfall is no longer heavy, flood waters do not seem to recede due to the full moon phenomenon as it causes higher tides than normal. Besides that, previously incessant rainfall caused water from the upstream to not reach the confluence and resulted in overflowing rivers,” he said when contacted by Bernama yesterday.
Off course like all else even natural disasters has its political, religious connotations for in Malaysia nothing escapes these two factors. Politically just about everyone else in the country is wondering why there has not been any declaration of National Emergencies with regards to the disasters except for those the government. The opposition leaders are crying foul over the whole manner in which the ruling government is handling the whole situation, like perhaps they are waiting for the Kenyir Dam in the East Coast State of Terengganu to break loose Religiously speaking the PAS leaders are declaring that it is Allah's ways of punishment because the Hudud laws has nor been established in the state if not the whole country.I realized that these are boring issues for the readers on this blog is most of it concerns the inner workings of this country and its people which includes myself. I simply cannot sit and watch the whole scenario being manifested before me and make believe that nothing is happening worth taking note of even as the country is slowly tearing off at the seams.
This country is sinking slowly but surely and it is not just because of the monsoon rains, this country is being eaten alive by cancerous viruses in the form of Greed, Hate and Ignorance of the first degree and what makes it worse, the people are living in denial, making it as though it will all wash away as soon as the monsoon is gone. This by far is one of the most corrupted country in th world and the rich knows not when enough is enough and the poor will never see anywhere near enough. Foreigners who work here fron third world countries are some of them far more richer than the unemployed locals; what is wrong with this picture? The Malays according to the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, are no better than slaves in their own country; he should know, he ran the country for 22 years/ The Chinese are finding fault at every corner and with every mistake made by the ruling party, it is an open season for political and religious backlash. Today it is not the dragon that is being woken up but spirit the Panda which is being brought in from China as a symbolic icon for invasion by population. Disguised as a friendly and cuddly bear rather than the aggressive dragon, the Chinese will dominate this country by the flood of economy and population expansion and yes, the prospect of the Malays becoming drivers and gardeners for them almost seem inevitable.
Call it Karnic consequences or divine wrath but the natural disasters taking place in and around the country is no doubt and indication of HOW SICK THE NATION HAS BECOME ! ( Twice mistyped, soo). The environment has suffered human abuse fir too long and must critical is the silting of rivers due to deforestation. The ancient botanically rich Malaysian rain forest has be raped and plundered by just about every logging companies that has the means to do so for years until there is not a jungle that can sill be considered virgin due to one kind of invasion or another for economic reasons which has 'Greed as its impetus and corruption as its bed fellow.The rise in numbers of plantations and habitats for so called low cost housing is slowly claiming more and more land from the areas that once was thick forest filled with wild life, but now most of the wild life has practically disappeared into the deepest interior to escape the noise and pollution that comes with so called development. Enough said has this is the same scenario everywhere else in the world; man against nature. For those of us who do not have to worry about being displaced and lodged into a temporary relief center let us pray for those less fortunate and watch the TV, the PM is in Hawaii playing golf with the President of the United States; let us hope he lost the game it would be better for us.We will need some aids soon enough with all that is going on here at home.

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